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another drag 
One more lost soul to raise your flag 
The sky is a landfill 
I see you take another drag 
Let's see you take another drag 

You like
to raise your flag.
The sky is a landfill!
I see you take another drag,
Let's see you take another drag.
You like to dance to the rolling head
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Oh, they all fall like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky, kissin' your cares goodbye
Oh as they all fall like
Price of living here has gone sky high
But guys like me we're always getting by
Babe told me, "A lean dog can run a long race."

All I know is you
Anyone caught speaking Esperanto
Is thought crazy or headed for [D]jail
There's peace in the wilds of West Texas
Where the sun and the [C]sky
Jerry Jeff Walker

Hey come away to Belize with me, show you how simple life can be
Long hazy days in the sun,
Where it seems everyone has
never been a time like this

Everyone, is gonna end, up there, 
You're overcome, 
But NASA is on your side
It's happening, the sky is shattering,
The Minstrel Show is proud to present
Jazzy Jeff, Khrysis on the board with, with the heat
(Jeff, Jeff, Jeff)

Fuck that, I got your head still bobbin' and my
Jerry Jeff Walker

Texas in October, is about as pretty as it gets
But Texas in the springtime, is even prettier yet
You miss it so much when you're
come around.
This world's like a vortex trying to suck me in,
I'm lucky to play the role of a drowning Jeff Buckley.
I'm an OutKast in the state
to stand up and tell the whole world all about him 
'United we stand, divided we fall'
Is the moto of our crew and it is honored by all of us,
We pledge
of that high-and-mighty scenery's
Gonna be leveled to the ground, boy
By a bunch a' them mindless strip mines on the land

So listen well, my
I wipe the cold from my eye
Stationed in Antarctica; coldest nigga alive
Flow is Armageddon, might smite crows from the sky
Before you drive you
not die
Knowing all the answers without asking why
Personal pursuit pass our loved ones by
Frustrated with god with our hands in the sky
We load those
from here
When every sense is in mono
Walk by faith, you appear
I want to live in stereo

I can't get there from here
Without a G\od-directed go
our loved ones die
Lookin up at the sky, "Please sun come shine"
But all we see is dark days, ain't no sun rays
Only gun plays, in My Hood
my grandma's clothes
But gray skies is going to clear up, so put on a happy face
Take off that frown and cheer up, and put on a happy face, 'cause
in* )

( *Jazzy Jeff starts scratching* ) 
(Don't stop the rock)

Now that's a record!
Now that's a record!

Go Jazzy, go Jazzy, go
dons with arms
Hit your crib, blaze your moms
I spit bombs, eating - real like Jeff Dons
And chiefs that disagree with me, wave your arms
Don't get is
Jeff performed a reading of this poem by edgar allan poe for the tribute compilation closed on account of rabies, produced by hal willner.
wishes and mad niggaz is getting headaches
I'ma warn you, this shit here is about to get pathetic
And there's fucking boys getting shipped out by FedEx, If
It was the blackest night 
There was no moon in sight 
You know the stars ain't shinin' 
'Cause the sky's too tight 
I heard the scary wind 

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