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In a world where my actions speak louder than words I know more people than 
Ever before. One lesson I've learned from it all. Fortune and fame
the way we live
Convictions - not a narrative
Actions speak a little louder than words

Seen and not heard, seen and not heard
Sometimes God's
They're injustice to the songs you sing,
Undermining your best intentions.

Silence speaks louder than words sometimes,
But not everybody listens.
live out roles in their psychotic schemes

These lies are old, it's obvious
Actions speak louder than words
And though it seems we're oblivious
much louder than words
Of promises broken
much louder than words
Of promises broken
much louder than words
Of promises broken
heard those words before 
There's an old sayin' that 
"Action speaks louder than words" 

Where were you when I need you most 
You know I do 
When I
the is place you'll see me
Brace yourself cause this goes deep
I'll show you the secrets to sky and the birds
Actions speak louder than words
Stand by
is kinda cheap
You reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap

(Action speaks louder than words)	(2x)

[ Daddy-O ]
Aiyo, the situation seems very
The whispers can't hide when the tongues are let loose
Then hiding the truth is absurd
A stab in the back or taste of the noose
Is when action speaks louder than
say when we're alone
Though actions speak louder than words
But all I can say is I love you so
To drive away all my hurt

Oh I'd give my life so
the prayer
Your hand on your cheek, You are the prayer
Those words you want to speak, they are the prayer

That dance you make when you're by yourself
This sour taste remains
Disdain, disdain, disdain

Your actions speak louder than words
All I do is throw the curse
I'll burn it down before
Actions speak louder than words 
Stand by me my apprentice 
Be brave, Clench fists.
well, the men who will be fighting by your side
And never turn your back if the battle turns the tide
For the colours of a civil war are louder than
louder than words
And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard
Don’t be scared, I ain’t going no where

I’ll be here, by your side
No more fears,
to emerge
And every action is heard, it speaks louder than words, yo

An angry silence stayed where love had been 
And in your eyes a look I've never seen 
If I had found the words you might have stayed 
But as I
crowd, huddled in various groups. From the shouting, Rael learns that there are 32 doors, but only one that leads out. Their voices get louder and louder
Messin' Around

Girl slide up to you 
Lightening bolts in her eyes 
You know her actions 
Speak louder than words 
You know that its hard to fight
And I will give the world to you

Speak louder than the words before you
And give them meaning no one else has found
The role we play is so important
a little louder than you did before
The point you make might somehow stick around 

If empathy is no more than a token
I cry a river in the pouring rain
The silence is saying there's trouble ahead
The pressure speaks louder than words
It feels like we're hanging on by a thread day to day
The closer
the new coupe
Nigga, but that ain't nothing new
Forgive me for the sinning that they be doing in this business
Not using their words to express truth
Out in