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Unconditional love
Is his way to sweat things out

When you think they're coming
To take it all away
Shithead's gonna save the day
Shithead's gonna save
Run, run, run
Run shithead run
Run, run, run
Run shithead run

Don't look back
Don't look back
Don't look back
Don't look back

Run, run, run
I'm convinced my life returns in time - 

My roots beneath your skin
In your guilt I nest. 
Face the truth that lies ahead. 
you're down, 
Back-stabbing shit-heads, 
Laughing like a clown, 
Cop, you want to go through? 

Shoot you when you're down, 
Back-stabbing shit-heads
cockbleedin bitch, you gets NOTHIN, yeah!

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
Fuck you, you stupid ho
are still a shithead to me 

I kept you, I helped you, I slept with you 
I lost you, I miss you, I need you 
Now I'm lying like a sniveling fool
Shitheads talking shit 
Fuck off 
Smiles with knives in hand 
Fuck off 
If you hate our band
You shit-head slimy got it alls
You crap-eyed ghosts with greasy balls
You wicked matron stabbing hard,
Grabbing while the going's good
shithead bitch

My diamonds and the Lex say it's time to flow
Wonder how I got rich, they say I rhyme too slow, so
I'm from the "O" I for what I know
I feel you tasting me, but I wear it with dignity.I feel you tasting
Me up to my eyes.On my skin, I can smell the saliva of shitheads.It
up to be a dick head
Humans are mostly assholes
You're even probably a shithead

I wish
It wasn't true
I wish
It wasn't true
But it is true
of repentance
So save your breathe
You homophobic shithead

One day you will pay your debt but until then
I'll fight to undo every word that you've said
faster than I could believe
But the songs sounded the same and kinda sucked
'Cept John Wayne was a Nazi, and Joey Shithead was a drunk
Then John Macias
played faster than I could believe
But the songs sounded the same and kinda sucked
'Cept John Wayne was a Nazi, 
And Joey Shithead was a drunk
"Pull over, shithead, this is the cops!" 
Full tank, pockets lined with cash 
Full throttle, gonna rip some ass. 
Drive all day and through
on the steps
Shit-head drunks
We had a crew and we called it the skunks
Punk rockers, skinhead, misfits and misunderstood kids
Me and Ben we spent years
Educated shit-head!
brother sucks dog dick sucks horsey dick is a queer!!!
Sleeps with midgets drives a Ferrari and sucks assholes!!!
Sucks [black] assholes is a shithead
born, was born to be hated
'Cause I represent just all that they fear
That's why

Chaos, all this is just vicious
I won't die for what a shithead
Not my son,
Not my family,
Not while walking is still honest,
And you haven't given up on me.

Dear shithead,
This isn't happening;
The sky
a Porta-Potti ride

I was such a shithead
But he never quit on me
'Til I told him he was useless
And his sister was freaky
Once when we were watching Sunday
Fuck off, so get out of my room
You can suck my dick
Motherfucking shit-head bitch
You can fuck oh-oh oh-oh
I'm gonna live forever
Oh-oh oh-oh
Shithead always getting into fights
I'm fed up with all of you
But there's nothing I can do
Go to the square and they ask me
To buy for them
a brown-eye as your shit-faced in the mirror
Your visage is your end, the lips a sphincter instead
In our surgical troupe you're cast as the shit-head
clothing line
My body said Naomi Klein, No Logo
We shared kisses and visions
But like KISS' shithead Gene Simmons said:
A band is a brand and it looks