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So we look at what's goin? on, this as an extreme aggression, um
I'm also hearin? about it from everywhere
It's, it's in the islands, it's
And Bush tells lies and foxtrots
So, I don't know what's real (what's real)

Watch what you're watching
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
joshin' (oh, these niggas got me fucked up, nigga)
I'ma spend this holiday locked in (ooh, you know, it's like)
My body got rid of them toxins (let me go,
When I think that I'm over you
I'm overpowered
It's long overdue
But I'm overpowered

As science struggles on
To try to explain
Oxy-toxins flowing
a wink
High fever in the sheets, knees getting weak
My heart was skipping beats, she was running deep
Like a toxin that's all in my system
I got
Age of destruction
Age of oblivion
Age of destruction
Age of oblivion

Discovered love,
In the rancid days of ruin
My body's sweatin' toxins
more pills then Elvis

In a layer cake, half-chocolate, half-velvet
I'm listenin' to some Howe Melvin
I got too many options, there's so many toxins
theres so many toxins yo,
Didn't really tell what we killing ourselves with,
I lit a cigarette and then held it,
I'm thinking of some rhymes more illa
exchange for a vision of the future

Stricken with grief, I have no choice 
But to turn to lethal toxins 
Hardcore Punk Paste
All stars takin' over
lyrical maps in exchange for a vision of the
Stricken with grief, I have no choice but to turn to lethal
Hardcore Punk Paste. 
If Pirus and Crips all got along
They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song
Seem like the whole city go against me
Every time I'm in
Staying on an even keel.
Keeping a gauge.
Sanity hangs in the balance.
(I) could go
either way.
Cerebral half life.
The darkest Summer days.
I see dependents of the illest toxins
This planets a little strange
with fed time
I done some things I ain't proud of
Like sold my mom drugs
The devil put some toxin in me
Demons tryna have an auction in me

Drifting, drifting, but not asleep, oh no
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm just not me anymore
I'm not me anymore
I'm not me anymore

No cure for forever
changed. I still see you as a toxin. I still see you as the same.

I'll let you stand on your own again, while you're playing the victim.

To me, you were
A lot of people ask me
Where the fuck I've been last few years
Shit I don't know
But I do know I'm back now (haha)

Here comes the rain and thunder
It don't feel right, it don't feel right
I don't feel, I don't feel, I can't feel it no more
It don't feel right, it don't feel right
I don't feel, I

Caving in, a story to spin
Worlds collided, ideals are divided 
The liberation of myself waving in doubt
Forcing out toxins for whom i call out 

begging to be fucked
I plead that I get drowned, that's my idea of
Getting my head wet, I do bath in toxins and
I wipe 'em off with Poison Ivy, yup!
song not mines

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Please hold your applause
For I just applied logic keys 
Keys open doors
Now I'm balcony, opera,
adjust there toxin to make it easier-oh
Easy enough, get down the road
Hey there missy
I like the way you movin'

My head keeps turnin' turnin'
explain how the toxins
In my brain get me so damn down
Sometimes I can't speak
And you'll try to understand why I
Can't be a better man
But it's hard
and you would rock pretend
Yo, can I get another dose of my oxygen
Cause I been breathin' all this motherfuckin' toxin in! (Tonight I'm getting over you)

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