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Shed some light onto
Our shadowed faces
I wish I lacked what I now know
So we could keep in the dark
Our shadowed faces

Our shadowed faces

I'd like
the dark
And you will never know it, for they will be from outer space

Shadowed in time, another road redefined, redefined
Shadowed in time, another
Hide from the terror
Run for your life
Shadowed forever

Clutching at straws
You will get crushed by the jaws
Night falls, consuming light
Can't hear
the shadowed windows
I'm not falling through the open floors
I won't fade like a dying rose
Yeah it's so easy to just stay down and {?}
But there's all
is the shadowed one
Now he plots from below these deeds of a dead soul

Whispers in a wind storm carry through the night
Helpless victims everywhere,
your lies, believing that you were right
Time to face reality

Got no more time
This is the end

I'm buried by madness and I'm shadowed by sadness, and I
am the shadowed one.
Evil fucking fears me
Evil fucking fears me
Refined in the fire, from the flames I emerge.
Casted in steel.
I am refined in
sent me mad but now it makes me furious
I'm shadowed by a doubt, I dubious.

Too many handshakes, not enough sincerity.
Promises of glass break,
will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slow hand

On shadowed ground, with no one around
And a blanket of stars in our eyes
We are drifting
my shadowed mind
I can't live without you
don't leave me alone
Baby, listen to my grawling
This song's for you, dear miss
It's a tale of painful
Walking down the shadowed path
Beyond the threshold of no return
Regrets and memories fade away
As I travel on

The shadowed path
Shadowed by life well you never can tell
Fall down a hole and you burn in hell
Striptease yourself against the wall
And watch the shadows begin
Oh, ooh, oh
High up in a chamber
She painted pictures of the man that made her
Oh, ooh, oh
Shadowed by a clock face
The hands were rusted
light guns, 
And this city hangs so breathless and shadowed.
All of you devils are cracked and dishevelled, 
Oh god please find me a home.

Oh god
of innocence
Somebody come save me, where I thought my life would end
Somebody come save me, shadowed by what now is lost
Somebody come save me, leave the past
I'm scared you see 
Of the shadowed me

I'm travelling the footsteps
Of so many more
How come I feel so damn alone
You try to comfort
But you
Into the unknown

Oh, this shadowed life I roam
Is the only life I know
You see me as the end
Well, I am
Sweat burns the flesh
Hot machine
You said
"I'm a private detective"
Now I'm being shadowed
You said
I'm a private detective"
you're a suspicious character
you are a would-be
alone, with many miles to go
You are the light
In this shadowed night
I want to see your eyes
The tears in mine, i hide
From this shadowed road
You’re not
we say is shadowed by fate,
Waiting to escape the black moon's shade.
Every word we share is shadowed by fate,
Waiting to escape the black moon's
Make Your peace within me
Forever to be shadowed
Shadowed by Your Light
place, I wonder? 
What sublime power awaits the aspirant, the querent who dares seek answers in those shadowed places where men of lesser fortitude fear
towering above the ruined city
It shadowed all the new emerging settlements and homes
To look down on the ruins was to sympathize and pity
All the suffering
Dome in the sky black winds to taste
Shadowed spirits lead my way...
Drifting everly alone years of silent sorrow
Until I'm home...
Bitterness with

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