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(There is no use to ask me why)
It's like a poison to me

I ain't what you see
I'm too scared to be
Won't you set me free?
Leave it all to be

I've been set off by a pretty little girl 

I'm like a rocket from a bottle shot free 
I've been just explosive since you lit me 
I've been up with
Sucky-sucky-sucky-til the crack is gone

Now we should legalize it
Legalize it
Set the people free and legalize

We should legalize crack
So that I can smoke it
Make me smile, make me weep
From your cage I set you free
Make me wake, make me sleep
Your warm smile all I can see

Make me creep, make me
to set my baby free 
When she turns to smile 
And lights up from inside 
Walking miles 
You ain't got nobody 
By your side 
Hey people, set my baby
this earth
I'm disconnected by your smile
Disconnect a million miles
And what you promised me I 
Hope will set you free I'm 
Disconnected by your
believe me
And give me back my key, and set me free

Keep you're body to yourself, or give it to somebody else
You're poison
Can't you you
you're too weakened by the poison
That they feed you in the living lie
They don't believe you
Carr to no one
Trust in nothing
Little impotent one

need the truth to set me free
I want to learn from your misery

Misery loves company

If the truth should ever find you
May it enlighten and remind you
of lonliness
It's written by the poison pen
Voices break before they bend
The door is slammed
It's over, once again
But nobody's buying flowers from
War inside my head
Please just set me free
You call this, a family?

Battered, abusive
There's no wrong or right
When you're enslaved in your room
I try to surrender
Yet still I remember
Whom the Son sets free
Is truly free indeed
Lord free me from these chains

And a heart
You know you can bread my heart so easily
You can make my day with just a smile
One word from you can melt the winter snow
Make me forget the longest
the only poison 
That sets me free 

Running far 
Running from all my problems 
That haunt in me 

Must escape 
Taking the only poison 
That sets me
you - you're one with me'

Now as you look into the sky, there's two new shining stars
The legend handed down from son to son, sung by bards
To give back our mother earth a little dignity
I wish you'd set her free and give her love back to me
'Cause our spirits are not weak like you

at me, at me, at me, at me?

You light my way
You always take my breath away
You set me free
When everytime you smile at me

There?s this
from everybody else
Except yourself, depending on your parents, where did you inherent
All the poison thoughts
All the tears through the years fucking
shiver and break

Set your bride on fire, set your spirit free
Set your bride on fire, stay away from me

Build up your master plan
Cause I
I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing called life without you here with me
'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you
crack, sell ya coke
Sell ya E, sell ya smoke (you hustling nigga!)
Grab ya nine, grab ya pound
Grab ya tec, grab ya pump (you busting at niggas!, what)
easier it would be to die
But we live in vain and die for the same
No moon nor the sun can sweep my tears away
Nothing can set me free from this life
have a good reason to be living 
In the limelight of the fortunate ones 

You're too weakened by the poison 
That they feed you in the living lie
down eventually

Buddy, I coulda gone that extra mile
For an extra bark or an extra smile
'Cause I never felt so free
It was just my dog and me
By deceitful tongues 
Stay away from processed promises 
Let them fear what you know 
A malicious smile on their lips 
To keep us all under

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