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Swerve sumthin
Serv sumthin
Nigga swerve sumthin
Nigga serv sumthin
Nigga swerve sumthin
Nigga serv sumthin
Nigga swerve sumthin
Nigga serv sumthin
Ta bsoin de quoi on te serv bien
Ta bsoin de quoi on te serv bien
Montreal oui on te serv bien
Que veux tu je te dise
Je trap plus je vais plus
featuring Mo B. Dick  Mr. Serv On 

[Mr. Serv On] 

what's happenin new? 

[New 9] 

What's happenin Serv? 

[Mr. Serv On] 

What you
maje vuo truvann coccos

Quann t n vaje nun sent cchiu nient
Quann nun ce staje nun sent cchiu nient
Chell' ch'è stat è stat
Nun serv cchiu a nient
erv asat
serv asat
serv asat
serv asat

to exterminate the plague
soiling my brain

i put the pen to the pad
until the madness drains

cuz words are
can't give
Can't give
Excites me
Ser serv
Yeah Ser serv

I had high hopes
I had high hopes
I still have high hopes
Still have high hopes
Ser serv
Serv that packs look now its gonzo
Stoled your bitch im ballin like lonzo
She want a follow i told her run wazzles
That bitch strippin even tho she
mantien o success
Senz o rischij?
Sott stress sto facenn o disc
Pens, arraggion e agisc

Me serv privacy
Comm e Pac 'All Eyez On me'
T'chest me press
Boy, I think this the second time you done passed up this sign you goin' the 
wrong way main.
Slow ya role, slow ya role, ya
Semb senz pnzir
I stenott n ald natt nan s darm
Purc cre j a d che ava arrve nu forn
Però a ches m nu forn nan m serv
Serv  ciò che ste iend
Serv nu
Stamm tutt fulminat

A nuje nun c'è serv o fierr
Ma cammin co curtiell

N'amic aret e cell
Nat va all'infern
Tutt tarantell
Cu sta gent e merd
Addò nuje
Mr. Serv-On (repeat 4X)

I'm fightin tears for the time you spent
When your nights are dark, but in your heart you got a friend

[Mr. Serv-On]
You chose
I hate the way I live, I hate the way I live (c'mon, c'mon)

[Mr. Serv-On]
Niggaz act like we was close
I could see it in they eyes, what we had
Infected by this

Art saves
Make the pain
A weapon you can us

Art saves
Make the pain
A weapon you can use


I liberate the devils in my head
[Mr. Serv-On]
Fuck this shit man
I'm tired of being broke
Fuck this, I ain't never had a damn thing ya know what I'm sayin?
It's time I let my
Chest m cerc ma nu rispong
Teng l'uocchij nguoll, teng e sord nguoll
Teng già un affianc nu m serv chest'at
Vogl na uaglion cu nu banc e rnar
Ess m
zomp e sacc mò ò pèrche
Ma m serv ppe dicr ch'ell c sent
To giur ca' ppe te ij cagnass ò munn
Cap in te not ogni nott che é vot
Nun trov nù sens e
domand nun teng e rispost
Sai ca sto lottann n serv ca stai stort
Teng semp a ment
Quand piccrill s'alluccav semp
E mamma insistev studj ca t serv
Si no
Sto facenn troppi dann
Pens sulament e nott o pian sto escogitann
Esco metto g nde cann
Mentr sto fumann calm stong ndo mi co chill
Serv nu bodyguard
[Featuring see Murder  Fiend  Mr. Serv On  Silkk] 
Huh  what! 
These niggas have got me so and so. 
Shit they can't get out of.
[Mr. Serv-On]
Don't play yourself, you know who this is, Lifetime Records ya heard
S-E-are-V, I got my Blackwater homies in here, yo tell 'em how
serv o bodyguard (ah)
Stev nsiem a te, po se fatt Onlyfans
Stong shot, facc 'e sord, me ne fott 'e tutt quant (cumm fa, ah)
Me ne fott 'e tutt quant
[Mr. Serv-On]
You niggas talkin'bout you run out of this and jump out of that
And hit a nigga block, ha
But I don't really think you know what it
featuring A Lexus  Mr. Serv On 

(A Lexus rapping) 

Since you fucked up 

you ballin' cause i be dissin' 

neva thought you would be

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