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you'll die dancin'
Dark, gliding shapes that violate every law of nature
Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz
Conversation and Hennessey
I've been to the muthafuckin' mountain top
Heard muthafuckers talk, seen 'em drop
If I ain't got a weapon I'm a pick up a rock
And I let you and your ???
Come tickle my gumdrops

I met a bad b**** last night in the D
Let me tell you how I made her leave with me
echoed through the crowd
Six punks hit, two punks died
All causalities was applied to their side
Human lives has to pass just for talking much trash
the day I die!

(2 Live Crew) (They're back!)
(2-2 Live Crew) (Say-whut-say-whut?)
(2 Live Crew) (They're-back-they're-back!)
(2 Live Crew
are cold like tenants
Tryin' to keep your weight up better eat that spinach
For four twenty-five niggas lives get diminished
The world serious, I'm
"The following public service announcement
Is brought to you by Twiztid.
Dementing one generation at a time"
I'm a person who killed myself
Always keep her by my side

Little Texas
Unimpressed a great degree
With a serious pedigree
If I get into a fix
Jump little Texas in the mix
seems like hours 
Shifting my weight 
From one foot to another 
While watching live music 
With the earplugs on 
Our nice conversation 
Is becoming
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
on, ohhh, come on

Verse Two:

Many men wit mass appeal expand across the globe by the mills,
but still I picked you like a daffodil
cause you thrill me
play live
Ask the people who they fly
The crew J5

We ride right into the night
Words that we write
We're calm then a settle your site
Shit is about to get real serious
Busta Rhymes, Flipmode Squad, Swizz Beatz, check it out

Yo it's like tic tac toe
The god is back, make bitches
from town 
Papa was a driller on a wildcat crew and my mama never was around 
I learn to cuss when I was two and fight when I was three 
And by
badgering emcees with my dialect
When I inject memory cell motors retrospect
To recollect; too genuine skills I resurrect
Directed live from the 2-1-2
From the tip of my head to the crack of my ass
She got busy so I called to the crew
You bitches know what to do
Hoes try to front like they
Down here we like it big, on that Dirty coast
Big money swanging whips, cause we serve the most
We live by that G code, that's what gangstas do
[Chorus 2X: John Cena]
We roll by in the pimp ride (then we)
Walk through with the pimp slide (y'all know me)
Crew heavy on the thick side
slang I use 
breakin' down mics 
and destroyin' crews. 

1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic check 1-2-1-2
1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic
One two, one two, one two, mike, check, check, check, 
Yeah, one two, yeah, yeah, clear, clear, yeah.

I'm a young ragga brother from the LDN,
Down here we like it big, on that Dirty coast
Big money swanging whips, cause we serve the most
We live by that G code, that's what gangstas do
A serious situation we all go threw
It deals wit your feelins, so here what I say
It's like a dyke, but nothing seems to go your way
Bust this, two people,
Had one too many one way conversations
With the licky licky lord
'till I grew a scissor tongue
And c-c-cut the cord
Put the phone on the floor
on the radio, heard the 2 Live Crew
Started dancin around, left and went downtown
Bought up some mo' shit, cause the shit was down
Then I said to myself: New York
they thought it was funny 
But who's the dummy 

Now you done lost the hustler 
A down-ass brother got replaced by a buster 
And though I got love

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