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hopes and prays 
That nothing will keep their love apart
Two separate kingdoms 
Two separate lives thrown apart 
By the hate and lies 
She waits by
again in Memphis
I hate every sec every minute you're gone

For so long we been talking and sharing the dirt
Been laughing at the fools who couldn't hear
A thousand days
Were captured in her eyes

Your eyes are open now but you know
It's still hard to see inside
When action and intention
Are two separate
Fueled by hate, it's your mistake,
It's a choice you made
It's tearing us apart

Hate by design,
Is destroying our lives
Seek to find,
different to me
I know you cant possible be
Were two in a million
But you could be someone that makes my perception complete

We go by our separate lives
brother to brother
You and me we move, in opposite directions
Like two spheres on their separate planes
Ain't nobody loved me better than you done
again that I'm fine
Then we go about our separate lives

Was it nasty scheme or lazy dreams
I left you cold two blankets deep
This is the last song
Wind blows snow outside my windows
Crowd below runs wild in the streets
Two rented brothers race down two separate alleys
Heading for the finish
With pain and rage and hatred relentlessly

[Repeat x2]
With pain
Rage and hate
Beatings come faster
Beatings last longer
With pain
brother to brother
You and me we move, in opposite directions
Like two spheres on their separate planes
Ain't nobody loved me better than you done
Forgotten stories of excess
Both real and fiction
Too many hollow lives spent
Chasing benediction
We plummet to the earth like
Scores of fallen
much in common that we're

Perfect strangers singing perfectly in tune
From separate corners of the room
Held together by our hunger
make me cum
Put a price on my head won't make me run
Try to kill me but it can't be done
Cause my words gon' live forever
You put two and two together
do a bit of good of asking why
There's only two choices in life, live or die

I just wanna go out going hundred miles a minute, oh
Take every
and open my eyes
I see we're living two separate lives
Like a well gone dry from all the years gone by
When I Sit back and open my eyes
I see we're
the street light
1-Been spending most our lives
Living in a gangsta's paradise (2)
Keep spending most our lives
Living in a gangsta's paradise (2)
They got
I've got to go
To make those loose ends meet

How's your mama now
With her new live-in friend
Oh how I hate the wounds 
That never seem to mend
babies hippie names

Maybe we'll both hate each other
Shitty sex 'n separate beds
We could get restraining orders
Vow to never speak again...
direction that left me in true shock
Like when 2Pac got shot
The whammy
I drop my secrete scripts of the uncanny
Broadcastin' live and direct throughout
to separate and fly

Seven years gone by!
For seven years I've tried to make it
But how long can I take it
It's time to fly
Seven Years gone by!

If there was
the dark,
Of blind, bitter hate,
Broke a glittering light of two lover's fate

Walls built between us,
Miles separate us,
Yet in our hearts, we share
This is the story
Of a love that flourished
In a time of hate

Of lovers no tyranny could separate
Love set into motion on the Nile's shore
It's a shame, it's a shame

See I can't live with you
And I can't live without you
One minute I trust you
The next minute I doubt you

One day you're
Ovum begins to split
But it doesn't separate
Now during fetation
Unique transformation
Two people welded together
Two identical people are born
of escape
From pain inside, with stupid violence formed by hate
Power and strength, but no power in their own lives
Ignorance with the knowldge they're always

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