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so thick and slime
Despice, you won't find that in my rhymes

Coz we live in the present
And we work for a future
The past was just another segment
friend's from Poland and oh he has a beard
But they caught him with his case in a public place
That is what we had feared

He severed segments
friend's from Poland and oh he has a beard
But they caught him with his case in a public place
That is what we had feared

He severed segments
Most won't make it this far without skipping segments
Yep. Most stop well before the message is complete
But we're at the end
It isn't stated
it got stolen
Called me from a payphone
Then I Told her need a moment
Hang up I’m ignorant
Ignorant I'm ignorant
Maybe pregnant
Blocked segment
Hang up
Watch the jello wiggle
Watch my segments jiggle
Play me like a fiddle
Can you solve my riddle?

Thinking of you makes me shake
Segments that quiver
a segment of my dreams

Got my heart racing
Just keep on pacing
Won't talk to this dime, because of the fears that I'm facing
I want to say "Hi", but she
(Harvey Dent)
I can see the duality (wooh wooh)
One dimension like line segment (line segment)
Man you need a couple calories (calories)
I feel like it's
cut from the same cloth, hoe... I'm a cutthroat 

Hands up (stand up) and feel this live segment 
Hands up (stand up) cause we're robbing your attention
with the season
You a target when you break free
Inner circle turn line segment
Strap up these niggas will delete you
Don’t you trust nobody
Make sure
I can only see the world through my eyes
Nothing else to do
Writing songs and spending all my time with you

Time our segment of eternity
Orange segments for teeth
Orange segments for teeth
Shave the shadow off your ear
Shave the shadow off your ear
Like a deck of cards dashed
Segment 1 of ripped letters
How you act like you do know me you don't know me
Gray Gangsta
Glll blllahh
I bet you wish
And Order segment
No second guessing I see you I’ll send your ass to heaven
On a mission to bring my baby back ain’t never stopping if I gotta go thru you
And ninety second segments officially produced
And aired again, and again, and again
By the little black and white pawns of the network yes men
the romance to begin
The relationship grew strong
I didn't want to be right if this love was wrong
But oh no, came the problems, the first segment
The dumb kid
while you just malfunction 

Between your legs it all made sense 
You cracked my heart into segments 
Between your legs it all made sense 
You cracked my
the sky, when I’m here alone, on a night of summer
From a vantage point to make myself alive
I want to be heard, I want to move away
A segment in this land,
This next segment demonstrates but a few of the many uses of wood
That naturally occurring cellulose material that we often take for granted
flaunt all their evil
Show you the 
Only truth

This is the part 
Where I tell you
Just to think of
The repercussions
This is a segment 
Of warning
My Kaleidoscopic death in segments
Powerless... The thorns of hollowness
That spilt enough blood to drown regret
Moments of silence that welcomed
Segments dissolving into themselves, relinquishing
Segments dissolving into themselves, relinquishing

Suddenly, what you perceive has now shown
porn I got segments 
Walk in the room feel my presence 
Dropping dick off its her present 

Paul Fucking Gamo 

Hit that Nigga like it's Teken 
smile because I know you're right
I want to drink a glass of us
You know that I can't get enough
I always knew from the start
You'd tear apart my segment

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