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What's your purpose on the planet
You're too stupid to understand it
Can't you see. No one cares
Take a screwdriver. Ram it in your head
If you're believing all the bull
To get that shit right out of your head
I've got an Irish screwdriver
I've got an Irish screwdriver
I've got an Irish
Billy's got a panel with a panel with a few screws missing
Drowning in the water where he jumped in the deep end
Janie is a screwdriver for fixing Billy's
screwdriver to the latch
Catch the nigga when he gone or when the nigga take a nap
Let's be smart about the shit & make a plan of attack
The goal is to get
Sonic screwdriver I'm floored
Gallifrey I was born

I'm feeling wibbly wobbly
Timey wimey 

But I've got to make my move
I drop the DVDs and get into my
I poured a screwdriver from the car bar
She stared me down From the driver's seat
Spiders of fear creeping up my back
As her eyes crawled over me
a senzu bean
Shame how they be for some thc

She wanna wave
Well bitch I'm a pool
Ya nigga lame
Ya nigga a tool (Screwdriver)
My flow is insane
My swag is
I'm not the one who's sinnin'

Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Now that you have heard my story now
I got a little endin' to it now
Whenever you go
Should've poked your eyes out with a pink screwdriver
Uma Cuntbag - incest is wincest
Say that you're a virgin but you need a coochie test

Don’t you reprimand it
If you don’t understand it

I screwed up another
Call me a screwdriver
Don’t bother attempting
You won’t destroy me
High Ball, Bloody Mary, Fuzzy Naval, cookin' Sherry, Mudslide, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, straight Tequila, Screwdriver, Hurricane, Shirley Temple,
Hey! if I can't have you
Got nothing to lose or gain
Hey!  gonna grab my screwdriver
And put it into my brain

I can't escape your gravity
Gotta find
A man in pursuit went to find his dog
A mutt that was bred for disemboweling hogs
With a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other
He set off
on a screwdriver
She insistent
It's already wet with saliva
She hop on me like a tiger
Going deep like a scuba diver
Morning after I be in the lab
Meditated, like
Love, you use me like a tool in the shed
A screwdriver or a shade
Love, is a losing game
Pain is a winning game
Today, you're gonna pay
You're a hoe, stab
a rusty screwdriver on me
And if you try to fight then it's going in your neck quick
I'm a derelict but this is no lunatic rhetoric
So take it seriously
meglio su 'sto tetto tutto lo skyline
Un altro goccio che mi secco questo Screwdriver

Riprendi ogni mossa della mia riscossa, connesso a Dio
Non mollo

He offers you time 
He offers you space 
He's a ladies man

Never comes early 
Never comes late 
Screwdriver in hand

From Pompadour 
To Marilyn
all, thank you
Waimanus peace screwdriver

Penguins and pigeons
Laugh and cry
Thank you all, thank you
Waimanus peace screwdriver

Godspeed and glorious
don't trip, nigga, dey just killed yo bitch 

left her bleedin' in the porch wit' screwdriver's in her head 

ramshacked the house, took the work
Girl fine like Miss Malaika
Her beauty spark like a lighter
Already tight no screwdriver
Memba mi nuh need unu spanner
Mi call her Ghana Rihanna
a rusty screwdriver, blaow (I'll fuckin')
I'll fuckin', I'll fuckin' hang you by your fuckin' dick
Off the fuckin twelve story building out this
a rusty screwdriver, blaow (I'll fuckin')
I'll fuckin', I'll fuckin' hang you by your fuckin' dick
Off the fuckin twelve story building out this
gun, my socket wrenches are second to none
I won't quit 'til I'm done, don't even care if I hammer my thumb (OW!)

Still rocking my screwdriver

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