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of forms
From corruption in politics to the media scapegoating
Distracted by peace that you ain't hearing that glock loading
Visions of world peace
world dies with you and we will build anew
Dance amongst the ruin
Of their own undoing
Smile while they are choking
On their lies and scapegoating
about how this nation state
Took generations of slaves to make
We say its great but wanna avoid its racist traits
Scapegoating to lay the blame
unable to pay? 
Do you think that scapegoating the victims will keep the immiseration at bay? 
Making the misery you wreak 
Responsible for the misery
of scapegoating!
It's but a useless string of bait
Those who pull the strings
They employ bait and switch
You are but a pawn. You'll take the bait!
We are but pawns.
me splitbroken and gaslit
holdin all your baggage
decoding all your language 
scapegoating for your anguish
smoking just to manage
(got me smoking just
Got a diploma she’s a reader
Lost some homies I don’t need em
Scapegoating for a reason
Cuz they ain’t getting paid
Need a reason for their shame
I know 好像不再是我认识的那个人了
Or I’m just fooling myself 或者我只是在麻痹自己
Scapegoating your innocence 用她的单纯来当自己行为的替罪羊?
I'm ruining your trust 我现在正在挥霍你的信任
For no
In a system that perpetuates
Division via racism
And deep, deep hate

Come on man
What’d you take me as?
I see that bull shit line
and it shall set you free! 
Mental overload and complete failure Run like a common thread through all your lives No, you never take the blame Scapegoating
And call things by their name 
Like racism and bigotry 
And scapegoating blame
Prescription pills, oil spills 
Unpaid bills, dog whistles 
Scapegoating cruel greedy cannibals 
Treat most of us like battery animals 
Packed up in factories and our statutory rights are affected
and submit (belief)
Your invention (was)
A necessity
But fanaticism is sheer abuse

God's will or your will

This is fucking scapegoating

(a great

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