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Rusted Root · Rusted Root

So you can't hold a star in your hand though
At least you can hold on to another plan

Rusted wheel planted still

I can tell it's summer from
I stumble through the wreckage, rusted from the rain
There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame
Among the broken mirrors, I don't look
The lazy cries
Doused in gasoline
Our last goodbye
From rusted balconies


Decietful eyes
Pardon me
Am I supposed to listen
To your jaded views
Rusted as the glisten
Don't believe him
You survive
Your massive
Trying to kick the dust outta me 

Rusted heroes 
Another mother load 
Top cats and dealers 
Rusted heroes 
Another mother load 
Ain't coming home
Now the time has come to speak
I was not able
And water through a rusted pipe
Could make the sense that I do

Gurgle, mutter
Hiss, stutter
The plow is rusted
The plains are broken
Hard times, hot rhymes 

Rock me
Rock candy
Rock candy shoppe
Give me some now 

Burn it
of it

Flag torn half rations
Steel rusted dirty water
Found a tree and hitched me up

Brought me down to all I had done 
Wouldn't float dirty
without a will, happy standing still
A rusted wheel

So come on come on come on and
Go away, take away from me your love
Because because because
Rusted stairs 
We climbed 
Staring through the clouds
Couldn't ask for more 
Haven't forgot you
to hold on but I'm calloused to the bone
Maybe that's why I feel alone
Yeah, maybe that's why I feel so alone

'Cause me, I'm rusted and weathered
rusted and weathered
Barely holding together
I'm covered with skin that peels and
It just won't heal

I'm rusted and weathered
Barely holding
the ancient trails to you 
Far out beneath the sorrow clouds 
Let them taste the bitter lost mistake of you 
Let them cry out through your rusted scars
Emilio lives in an attic
Plays a flamenco guitar
Our prayers fall down his window
And roll down flanders of rusted out cars

They harmonize with
Rusted brandy in a diamond glass
Everything is made from dreams
Time is made from honey slow and sweet
Only the fools know what it means

bike with rusted gears
I walk around with a knife in the cuff 
But that's not gonna be enough

The end of a dark, tired year
I slept bad, in bad
I am part of the gate.
Cold hard rusted keeping the prisoner inside.
I am just an outline...
Disease starting down so deep

Eating its way out.
As the dam denying the river it's ultimate purpose, deafened by all the
Silent laughter under the whispered promises which rusted down to jagged
Lies anyway.
you're tantrum-fuelled dolls

I'm blunted, I'm blunted against the cutting edge
Sharpeness diminished through truth to myself

I'm rusted, I'm rusted
of dotted lines,
An epitaph not worth looking back,
Post cards of dust on bones,
If the bad news doesn't beat us home,
A rusted chain of sympathy,
Mouth to mouth resusitation 
I just lay down beside him
And idolize

Motor, motor
Broken hearted
Rusted, rotted
Falling apart
A lock
within men
Gloriously rusted masks
Grey death heart crocuses
And I had always thought

The desire to kill was a disease you caught
But it's dormant
A rush through the rusted veins
Illuminate the face of one
So I have a light
So unaware about the consequence

I heard no warning
About the little
Well, it don't scare me none,
I've been there before,
Sideswiped an old Oak tree
In a rusted-out old Ford.
Shot at guys who were shootin' back

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