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[Repeat x4]
"When the East in the house, oh my God"

[Wyclef Jean (Sizzla)]
Yeah! This one's for the world right here
Sizzla! (Mr. Kalonji just
I was walking down the street
In my blue jeans and my bare feet
I saw old Mrs. Mayo in her garden so high

She got her prize azaleas
And her big ole
The little two-tima resembles Aunt Jemima
With jeans and a dirty white hoodie
Seems like he wouldn't be a snake or would he?
Disguises come in all sizes
mama's charm
Rebecca Lynn became my heart's desire
Long about the start of second grade
Mrs. Roosenbloom let me sit beside her
So we'd pass notes
I'm sitting on chrome
She gon' blow
Oh well
Outside the hotel
Check out by 12
Mr. DeVille
Peace out
We ill!

I was never the type to bet on my
the get back gang war 99th niggas fred ward
Americas most wanted I'm haunted by sinister niggas that paid
Mr. mitchell johnson you's a grown man with no
That's why they call me mr. pitiful

A few people know what I'm sayin'
Hmm, to the little daddy shane, you know what I mean
And to my man cool
Pork on the fork, widen the pot
By any means if you like it or not
Malcom X, by any means
Many fourteen stuffed in my denim jeans
As-Salamu Alaykum
know you can't dance with them tight jeans on.
If you try to cop a dip, you trip, slip, and fall.
Walking's for the cool baby, put on a camisole.
a cold heart jeans, surrounded by the crack heads and dope fiends
The type of no hope seems, life stays in the mix
Rather be judged by twelve, then carried
I'm Mr. However-You-Want-It, baby j-j-j-j-jump on it
I ain't here to sell you dreams 

Or paint you some pretty pictures
I just wanna get in those
discuss everything
You wanna do baby, over these drinks

You can tell me how you want it
Don't fight it, you can tell me how you like it
I'm Mr
you need my travelling friend
Is a place to wash your jeans
And I wouldn't be the least surprised
If you were hungry for a plate of greens"

to short, your legs to small
I'm the sure shot shit off of deputy dog
Break it in two and true so do
By myself I can take you and you and you and you
and Mr. Magic had static
Over Kiss FM and BLS which one is the baddest
Brothers on the block was doin' the Wop
While the cars drove by bumpin' real hip
I said that same shit about ten years ago
Same nigga but now my tech is by my window
Been reppin threes wearin black
Since the days of block parties
All I know is one day that Babylon will be fallen 

They welcome me into Jerusalem 

Eighty niggas highly crucial by Ham 

I got my .45 by my side
And before the club close, The owner gon' respect mine
Spend a lot of money and that's the bottom line
Ten cars on chrome, Plus the neck shine
Baggy jeans
the spot
See what the turf breeds, black sheep, bad seeds
I had steez, since the days of baggy jeans
Tall tees, oversized caps, that was me
Gradually, I
the jeans

Mash it up
The one with the beard
Mega moustache the beat (hide it)
Deep under sheets, cover this hint
Hostin' all threats but watch out Mr
All I know is one day that Babylon will be fallen 

They welcome me into Jerusalem 

Eighty niggas highly crucial by Ham 

I got my .45 by my side
that he had 3 mo' niggas posted out back
Bring this on
'cause right by the back door is my 'causein tone
And mr. blunt
Ready to give some nike reading
Thank y'all, how y'all doin'? Yeh, my names Colt Ford
I just came here to do a little song for y'all
'Bout where I come from, the way I see it
Word up Rector!
I wasn't gonna say it again?
Word up, man it's all good!
You don't gotta let us in your little shit!
You got that?
Keep that
"My line of work is considered by some to be a... 
A tumor on society, be careful Mr. Magenta there are benign tumors, 
And there are others, that

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