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better feeling than running raw 

Chain gang link I need a shrink 

What y'all niggaz think I'ma do when I get real money 

Iano keys played in series
we're gonna take a meeting
With the radio promo
And the marketing homos
To see if we can get a green light
So we waited by the phone
And they finally
To all my fans
The people, who don't know..
What I been goin through
To make my, own..

Now it's time to hurt your feelings as I upsets
over, the gig is over (when a play)
The kid is older and getting colder (many fly by)
But his will hold ya, so listen closer to (a-a)-r-o-n
My job is to get it to the people, not the people who diss me
But the people who are feeling me, give you the
Soundtrack for your life (For you)

Bout it bout it, like Master P, makin money G 

No time for promos, get paid when I MC 

You know my feeling, I'm dealing, with tracks so
Paul Wall what it do

Purple so muddy I can barely even drive
A blow it down trees like a catter goin by
Southside of H-Town that