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the meanest Smile

[Hook]: Sayn Social
Tell your friend to tell a friend
Roadman Donny, moody as hell
Down low cos he moving smart
Most High cos hes never last
up in a benzo

Roadman ni min kp3l3 yes
Everything i go put my mind to ego source ego work
I no go fi kpeme no
And may what don't kill you give you
It's not Roadman Shaq, I'm Big Shaq
There's a lot of people that are named after me
Shaquille, Shaq
But keep in mind, there's only one Big Shaq,
mind state
Voices in my head they're fucking driving me irate

Everybody wanna be a roadman
And everybody wanna be a rapper
And everybody wanna badman
Pick me up from college 
On your moped 
Get me on that roadman 
In bed
I'm so excited
For tonight 
We're gonna in trouble 
A good life 

Now you're
a roadman
All those fucked up foes, still playing games but im a savage
And when i drop the flow, they go 21 ask some questions

Smoking on the fro up in new
OK now, fam, fuck your billboard.
Bassline ting or trap, can do both.
Русский roadman, straight tо the top.
Барзами залп даю прямо в лоб. 

Моя bando
Wetin de sup
I'ts roadman
Tell me why you always stressing.
Why you always stressing
Bro its not about the flex
robbing the streets
I move with the roadmans
They moving with shivs
You know i love when it's litt
I am not here for no beefs
You don't want nothing with me
Yardman roadman
UK gon love this
Still Run man down
In uk
It's slash and dip
But in ja man dem roll wid sticks
Make man glitch
When him see
pray for them)
Every other day me I wake up and pray, and I smoke up my J
Roadman business I no come to play (Sa)
Today na today (Ay)
For this matter I
Me ah roadman
Yea yea
Every day we de chop life, whether na for lockdown
Every day we de catch flight, whether na for lockdown
Put a rasta pon
roadman lurking
Talk about food when Ps get missing
Where has everybody gone ?
I’m not that hype that everybody’s on
Black Durag like JME
Big man ting
Wicked Wicked Wicked
Yardman Roadman grimy thing still innit
Quick to shoot cause my index jumpy
Touch the road nah leave my pumpi
Bad boy But me
seen a whole lot
Take all my problems and I put that shit on God
Told mama it's blow time
Getting this money legal
Rest in power to my pops man
gadaffi gadaffi gadaffi gadaffi
Anarchy anarchy (whoa) anarchy
I feel like gadaffi whoa
Higher anarchy whoa
Popo in the parking whoa
Roadman do no
Wanna leave with me?
Roadmans turn up to this song
But they real discreet
But they real
But they, but they
Real discreet
But they real
But they, but
you shitty too, you ridicule what’s biblical
It was written by prophets who sang melodies on interludes
A roadman is a roadman, don’t care for the drip
Drill ting ты поставил таймер
Mannы плывут как лайнер
Эти beats тебя ломают
На энзах тебя никто не спасает
Manna man roadman
Забрал добычу и gyal
Ninja, nenn mich Ninja)
Nenn mich Ninja
(Nenn mich Ninja, nenn mich Ninja)
Und ich will nicht sagen ich bin ein Roadman
Ich will sagen, dass deine Bitch
Watch the mandem aim for the top
Champagne for the pain and Cîroc
Gotta keep a roadman safe on that block
All night we dream of that life
All night we
the heart, the music gets heard
Could've been a roadman, could've been a nerd
Dad told me "don't follow the herd"
Instinct, yes, I follow the word
I used
your disease
Don't need your silly jive
I was an innocent by-stander
I was middle of the roadman for you
Then you took me for a ride, now baby
pick up the phone and ring me
I'm still rollin
Still wear my own garms
Still showing the roadman
Blue jeans listening to rips of Logan's show

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