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Please rise from the dead on
derth with my last kiss

いつまでも その寝顔を
Wake up sleeper
rise from the dead
And Christ will shine on you
The seas overtaken with fire
Men giving in to their own desires
The world
Hail Caesar
Hail Caesar

Born in bondage
Bleeding chains
Gladiator will rise again
Born slave
Born dead
Gladiator rise from the dead
something to say
But first you need some people to say it to
Just before your rise from the dead

So we crawl from the water's edge
Returning to dip our
I will dance and it will make 
The world rise from the dead beneath my feet 
I will weave the threads of sound 
That will fall on my breast 
Feel it now it's your second deliverance, rise from the dead in the sea of skulls

Here where truth is lies
Here where spirits die
Let the fallen
I'm still coming clean

When we fall from grace, we must rise from the dead

And it's all just going away, the way I see it, it's
First things first, Ms. Monroe rises from the dead
The henchmen came knocked down the door to my never world

I hope you die
Die Monster die
Trapped inside your corrupted self
Held down by your withered soul

Go! Wake up the dead
Rise from your graves!

Every second that passes you by
And the will to use it now

We have been so disillusioned
We have been rather blind
Now we awake slowly
And rise from the dead
the nails through his hands
Hammer the nails through his feet
No one can rise from the dead
Dead is your lord, still you pray

Pray for salvation you
Self-righteous bastards
All dead inside
From the depths of my soul
I feel the demons rise

The earth it bleeds
Torn apart by nausea
or misunderstood so--you'll rise from the dead you'll show everyone but you're running, running
D from ghosts of the past you can't run too fast no--you'll never get
to repent?
Will we rise from the dead?
Can these sins even be forgiven?
Is there still hope for us?
Were we ever even alive?
Is any of this even real?
everything is lost
I am the dream of...

Deep in the red
Kundalini rise up from the dead
Lost tribes

Pounding their drums
See the cobra come
Wake me up inside.
Light up my heart with a spark
From Your burning light.
God please just wake me up

I wanna rise from the dead
And feel
Exquisite dead guy
Rotating in his display case
Exquisite dead guy
Swear I saw his mouth move

Exquisite dead guy
Outside my high rise
is why it's said
Wake up o' sleeper rise from the dead and
Christ will shine on you
Our last goodbye, go

No, no, no

Spit in the face of loss
Coward, my own self-hatred
No more I bear this cross
Struggle and rise from the dead
army man
God's building a church
It'll be water to the dry and barren land
God's building a church
It's gonna rise from a valley of dead dry bones
To silence because they only come out when it's quiet, their tails brushing over your eyelids - wake up, sleeper, and rise from the dead!
Or the fur that they
to rise the broken from the dead.
Avenge their souls and mend their souls.
We sing into the night.

Feel your heart through my hands.
I feel your loneliness
rise from the dead 

Well it's a little too late to say sorry, but don't be so hard on me 
Ghost, you know I can't go back

Like a song in my ear you are
Fading light - I see the shadows fall.
I hear the darkness sigh.
As it rises from a dead man's pillow.
Taking his last breath to the winds

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