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(God and man) don't believe in modern love

(Modern love) walks beside me
(Modern love) walks on by
(Modern love) gets me to the church on time
I know when to go out 
Know when to stay in 
Get things done 

I catch a paper boy
But things don't really change
I'm standing in the wind
I'm in the basement baby, drop on by.

Always stays the same, nothing ever changes.
English Summer Rain seems to last for ages.
Always stay to same,
Take down this modern town
Four words penned with you in mind

Speak for yourself
You paper tigers
You crash where you stand
come by
People let go the first tear they cry
Someone has to be strong
To keep love alive, I will if you will

But in this modern world troubles come by
Honey, honey
My you did look dapper in your mothers
Old green scarf
With your famous Auntie Aurthur’s trousers on
You were slapped by that

In the modern world
Pretty boys and girls
We've been hangin' on forever
By the radio with the afterglow
Mama told you
Now or never

Vampires out
In this megalo-modern world you've got to try
Try a little love and luck, you will get by

Mysteries - don't ever try to change them
We're just
the sound of you ringing in my ears
Sun coming up on another day
Got a second hand change gonna do it again
Got rainbow colors and no more rain

(Rain) no
listen in but they can never take us down

So leave it to the last believer now
Change in the air it came by turnstile
Always schemin' it's the search
that fleeted long ago
But when she wrote me about this change in her life
There was just one thing I had to know

And the bells of St. James were
Living in lies by the railway line
Pushing the hair from my eyes
Elvis is English and climbs the hills
Can't tell the bullshit from the lies
I'd watch the world go by in the morning
Lose myself in the the news
Looks like the cost of houses are falling but I don't notice

I'd write a long
You have many houses, one for every season
Mountains in your windows, violets in your hands
Through your English meadows your blue-eyed horses
a modern time

Remember when we'd hear the distant sound of human life
A zillion noises whimper as they travel through the sky
And one by one each new sound
English is good
We can see it in your bones
In this neighborhood
We ain't driving you home

You don't need to change
Your future's with us
You don't
some Jevohah's Witness
Was a-ringing your bell?
Did you think you were in Babylon?
Did you take a good look around?
Or did you stick your head out
the hill (Hey!)
I don't know if I'll get it back (Hey!)
By hook or crook I will (Hey!)
English Chelsea fan (Hey!)
This is your last game (Hey!)
Waging war on the arms race of sound 
Turn it down 
Pull the plug 
Imminent surrender 
Ringing in the new 
Dark Age 

Shut down
It's holiday 
A modern day 
A day to change your life 
Make it new and bright 
But bitterness abounds 
By people all around 
They bring him
out with every word
It's ringing out with every word

If you knew the future of
Exactly what lies ahead
Would you change a bit or still let it lead
rainbow in the eyes of sorrow
I've read the script, rehearsed the dream
Faking death at the battle scene, yeah

I want to change it, I want to change it
native tongue
And taught their English to our young
And all the things we made by hand
Are nowadays made in japan

Eastern people!
Eastern tribe!
it takes a lot to change
It´s hard to rearrange
The modern process

I know it´s hard
Leaving all your memories behind
But you´ve got to try
the years
Goes sinking from my eyes like a stone

A king shall fall and put to death by the English parliament shall be
Fire and plague to London come in

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