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Bothers making it alright

But look in his eyes
All the hidden cries
He doesn't know the reason why

One life in Asia
Every day short on food
Right after
of southeast Asia
I can see El Salvador
I hear the cries of children
And the other songs of war
It's like a mighty melody
That rings down from the sky
head legion
Using steel nails manufactured by the slaves in Asia

You won't fall for that law and order is a baton in the rib
You won't fall for that
said I'd take a glass of wine
And in my altered state of mind I opened up, he jumped right in

Oh, some things never turn out right
Oh, some things
to East Soley

From San Chope to my home Cafe

That's my way and I do it like day by day

In Africa, America, Europe and Australia

Asia, Canada I take them
path will die today 
By my AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) 

Have you ever spent one day on my block?!
the land
Bells in the temple, a buddah Reclines
Meanwhile to the east and again to the north
Shiva awaits in the sand
Smooth as leather - unchained by
Things gettin' hard but we're still grindin' up
(To stay true) to all my niggas
We done came up and cop cribs by the river
Before the Feds came down
Things gettin' hard but we're still grindin' up 
(To stay true) to all my niggas 
We done came up and cop cribs by the river 

Before the Feds
[Chorus: Asia Cruise]
Hey baby waitin' on you to come my way baby
Ain't afraid to say me
Say baby ya lookin' tight
Ya need to come tonight 'cause
I know that I'm on no end
I'm never totally right
I'm gonna walk away slowly
Instead I bid you good night
Another goodbye
I'm gonna cry

for the video (Yay!)
And pay for everything that we say (No matter what!)
For example I'll be getting a massage right now
And I'll be drinking some sake
your heart
Cry in your pillow
Cry in the dark
You can cry in your dreams
Cry in your mind
But cry on the inside if he walks by
'cause just hate
own it, Yeah yeah
Dial it, Dial it paper chase it get that money
Yeah yeah

You get high and fuck a bunch of girls
And then cry on top of the world
all to hit the ground
You said you knew all about it
What was right and what was wrong
You pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone
Maybe I was
of Franks constructed by our ancestor's hands

(From Erin to Caledonia)
I still hear the ancient warcry
(Ellada to Helvetia)
I still hear the ancient
the cries
With those insatiables leading us we won't die by our wanted fate
Surreptitious suspicious plans destroyed my life in hate


me to do
We gotta stand right on each other
We gotta try harder babe
I got stad right by you
And you gotta stand right by me

Tell me what you
You've gone away
I'll get by somehow
Just right now

All I can do is cry
All I can do is cry
I tried to find
Why you said go

Now I know
Yeah, right, my daughters don't starve
Holdin' me down, pride and truth
The immaculate Dilated Peoples crew

Four by four, eight by eight
Twenty by twenty
I lived for but I leave you behind.

I'm a be OK,
I'm a be OK,
I'll survive, I'll be fine, I won't cry, no way
I'm a be OK,
I'm a be OK,
Don't you
Yo gee
Come and get your New York Post
New York Post right here
Come on y'all
Get the bost stubost stubost
Coasta coasta New York Post
Yo New
Jane don't cry
Your daddy'll be all right
Jane don't cry
Your daddy'll be all right
He's there with you
How do I know
I walk with him
of Europe and Asia could not, by force, take a drink from the Ohio River or set a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. If destruction be
around, smoking Kush by the pound
Like how it ride but we love how it sound
Drop-top Lam so low to the ground
Just like a snail, I'm close to the earth

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