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Playin’ around with my awards
Gucci Mane is a cool dude
But a nigga might turn into a werewolf
Got a stash box and it’s all hundreds
And your
Gucci Mane in the building, Gucci, Gucci
LaFlare, Big Kat, LaFlare
Say we got it like that, like that
Every thang don't mean two thangs, watch this
I'm jumpin' out my coupe wit' da missin' roof 
And I'm so fuckin' high I need a parachute.
"Gucci Mane, do you remember me from last month?"
jewelry customized by my artist
Six months locked, got a head start bitch
I was nigga rich befo' I ever got a rap check
Yellow Corvette same color Moet
So if you look at me wrong I'ma do yo' ass
Uh, Gucci Mane, I'm the bread and butter
Run trap, sell crack, nigga spread your hustle
Uh, pockets
Playin’ around with my awards
Gucci Mane is a cool dude
But a nigga might turn into a werewolf
Got a stash box and it’s all hundreds
And your
that bird flu shawty nigga handle yo business(its gucci) 

Gucci done it does it john rubert studdard 
Thats colored covered thats flooded
for half a mill nigga that's all
See a broad Gucci mane ill buy
The same dude you shop wit I'm his supplier

Gucci Gucci Gucci yours truly that's me
me,but your niggas up unda you

Make a billion dollars what im tryna do
Gucci Mane La Flare im so tired of you
And if I had the time I would be sleepin
Gucci mane
Two things
Trap house

Gucci mane in the building (Gucci, Gucci)
Laflare, big kat (laflare)
Say we got it like that (like that)
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
In the trap still countin' change
Don't fuck with y'all 'cause you niggas lame
Said I'm 'bout to go Gucci Mane
Said I'm
I make five Million a day

I'm Gucci pretty please take your foot off these
Nigga neck and let 'em breathe but I just can't be
I'm too rich too
Yup, yuo
Gucci Mane in this motherfucker (Gucci Gucci)
My nigga Zo' on the track (My nigga Zo')
That real shit, that real shit

I'm a hood rich

They say my chain so cold, but my watch too hot
My earrings bling, pinkie ring on fire
Twinkle twinkle, see the stars pass by
Gucci Mane ain't
got bird flu shawty, in the summer, it's Christmas
Catch that bird flu, shawty, nigga, handle yo business
(It's Gucci)

Gucci, done it does, it
you need to change your shoestrings
All on my dick like a bitch with a g-string
Sucker ass nigga like a nigga with a tongue ring
Gucci got a pump
people think I’m crazy
But Gucci Mane really love all that shit ? 
Hundred ? a day shit, hundred dollar blind shit
You can wear my shoes ? 
In the trap house, in the trap house, in the trap house
Gucci mane check it

Chopper on the floor pistol on the coach
Hood rich so I never had
from the block 
Now I gotta whole thang
And you betta put a low jack on yo hoe mane

I hate lame niggas so this a hate crime
Rich niggas shit up on em
gucci mane hundred and thats funny to me
When you see me can't miss me please dont diss me cause this bank roll a have ya ass missin bank roll nigga
Ain't your name lil' Trina cause you look like Janet Jackson
I'm off three double stacks and I'm looking for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I
see my seats
We've been rollin' rollin' rollin' we ain't slept in weeks


[Verse 3]
Gucci Mane the fly nigga get your mind right
in weeks


[Verse 3:]
Gucci Mane the flyy nigga get your mind right
Or a crys by the twelve like a case of budlight
Sell a cush by a bell so
real nigga left, the left
It's like I'm on an island by myself, the left

Gucci Mane the leftie
Pockets so hefty
Wrist so fucking rocky I can't even
goon card
Niggas scared to fuck wit me, don't wanna serve me
Shop wit ya Wednesday, take from ya Thursday
Splurge wit my comrades, Gucci mane I'm hood