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Call, response, syncopate the prose
Fuck the highs because I live for the lows
Four by four, with activated riff
It?s good in my car, so it must be
Selling sin is easy
Tainted empty v
Your eyes are heavy by the things you see
An uncontrolled addiction
You're all hooked up
A lost generation
Birds are circling above
They're called back to a waiting glove
Oh, why don't they fly away?

Surely they have gangs by now
There is no gun to shoot
gave the orders
To drop the bomb, we want to know
Who gave the orders
No refugees across the borders, yeah

Questions asked with no response, ey,

Emotional Response
Can't fight it, can't hide an emotional response
I'm walkin' the line - every time

And you don't have to be
Anything more
Justification decentralized by conditioned guilt
Fear responses
For individuals who wish to acquire

Sigil to the will
Give the mind before which is
overtaken me
But I know
That your response will always be


I can only speak
With a grateful heart
As I'm pierced by this gift
Of your love
In solemn response, to your wishes and wants
I stand with my heart in my hands
Though the courage it takes to live with mistakes
Makes me feel
Got struck by the first volley
Of the war in the corps
Never held my service

Send 'em a wire, give 'em my best
This ammunition never rests
No one
Got struck by the first volley
Of the war in the corps
Never held my service
Send em a wire, give em my best
This ammunition never rests
No one
Stuck in one room
Just living a lie
Just another person
To sit in that chair
Someone to talk to
Show that they care

So black and blue
Reading into my missing beats
Addict par accident
On salary
Explaining what was meant by
Responsibility swap
Response dead
Force excess to muffle
Erase hypotheses quantum
Infinity frontier mission
Vortex behing the sun endeavors
Interstellar signal response

Into the lost
Unholy Void
with your gut responses

See past the dark and use your energy
Learn from these images
Thoughts that we call dreams

This power lies within
She sits at home by the phone
Waiting for his call
With no response at all.
And he, out with another girl
Without a care in the world
their value
Drowning in a - wave of sorrow
Perished by the - evil desire

Realizing death, divination of raising hell
Impure world betrayed, raped,
Such a lonely boy
Couldn't find the joy within
Such a lonely girl
Such a lonely world we're living in
I watch it all go by
Can't find a tear to cry,
entered this country through the bottom of the united states and straight set up shop. As Arthur McDuffie was being beat to death by four white cops this
Birds are circling above
They've come back to a waiting level
Why don't they fly away?

Surely they have gangs by now
There is no gun to shoot
and place on an altar
You can call your god, I'll call the Lord
And the one who answers by fire, he is God"

Calling and babbling, ancient chanting arose
Words never spoken
About any situation
Too damn afraid to speak
Can't get a simple response

A flared temper
Broken furniture
Patience worn thin
Left uninspired by the crust of railroad earth;
It touched the land to the pages of your manuscript.
I took my thumb off the concrete and saved up
Cultivating sounds
For all the mothers who come near
To find out
Calling pulse bombs a response

With cotton in their ears
And goodbye kisses
Faith mongers of righteous rule conceal this deceptive law
Distorted values of virtue masked by these holy words
This great persecution will

Coinciding goals power of suggestions
Ushering the age of euphoria
Presuming the absence of interior conflict
Startled by antagonism

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