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hear your thoughts
Don’t close the door just yet
It won’t reopen for you
It won’t reopen for you
Don’t tell me
You need me
I’m sorry
So sorry
I feel it
In all the same places as you
And if you needed proof, I'll reopen my wounds
Reopen my wounds, yeah

I see myself in you (in you)
I know you
I'll choose, ye choose to don't
Don't open
Yeah don't open
You will never made me to reopen
​Don't open
Yeah don't open
It's your own fault, yeah you
Like you did before
You became imprisoned 
Can I reopen the door 

You say it doesn't matter 
Then tell me what does 
And why that isn't
should let sleeping dogs lie 'cause I know better, baby
I write it
Erase it
Repeat it
But what good will it do
To reopen the wound
So I take a deep
happens so fast

Don't be scared 
For only the dark can show you the stars
I'll be there
The moment the dark
Reopens your heart

It's time to make
to the beach! Get a good tan
This is the best choice that you can make
You Need A Haircut, I Need A Haircut
Reopen The State, Reopen The State
You Need A Haircut,
Tears are running down my face
A thousand wounds reopen
After being sewn too often

Overwhelming pressure on my chest
Tell me when it is time

You cheat, you steal
Deny that it's real
And re-open wounds
So they never heal
You hold the cards
I play the fool
When you ignore
As I blame myself pointing the finger
My scabs are hardened yet still I peel
To reopen the wounds
To remember how to feel
I thought they had mended
you're open
Please just say you're open

What say we reopen scars tonight
Spread it all across the carpet maybe
Call me while you're open
Would you call me
straight from my broken heart
This will be the last time
I swear to my self again and again
Until the next time
I re-open my wounds
This will be the last
Keep it intact
But you’re not allowed back in
This heart is closed to you, never to reopen
We were best of friends
Or was I just a means to an end
to tell her to leave but she already know
Packing her shit and she back on the road
Can't reopen this book im keeping it closed
Meet a new girl tryna see
Is there nothing I can do now
But close my eyes and let you go
I'll reopen them
To watch you rise and watch you fall
I wish I could say
I gave you my
You gave your heart and in return all you got was pain

But please re-open your heart and let the love shine in
It's just a moment in time, just
really want to mend
Your touch is hot but your eyes are cold
With secrets left untold
As you start to reopen
The things that you have broken
You may
these days
Full of "alright"s and "okay"s
Full of backhanded compliments
And the faintest of praise

The pubs will all re-open
And the streets will
these days
Full of "alright"s and "okay"s
Full of backhanded compliments
And the faintest of praise

The pubs will all re-open
And the streets will
played me real loud on the street, we drive up Memorial Drive, 
Up Wesley Chapel. I reopen 112, and Jazzy T's. 
I'd bring back Turner Field. 
I fire at all
personally know that shit hurt dont it
I know that shit make you sick wont it
Reopen the wound when you lick on it
Reopen the cut when you hit on it
A lot
Maybe someday I'll need it filled
But I hold on

My hearts been closing dear
But it might reopen here
I think it's time that we forget where we came from
You're a scar that sometimes reopens

You belong to the dead
I don't want you in my head
You're not in my heart, you're on my skin
You're a scar that
is peace in my arms
And we always fly
The pain never burns
And you don't embrace my heart
Never my heart

Oh mother of the earth 
Reopen the doors

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