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Holding last week's ticket in this week's train station
A f#m d em
Relegated to the third division on the lunatic fringe

Verse in g
We're not on any team
(doo, doo)
Relegated to savages bound by the way of the deceivers
So anchors be sure that you're sure we ain't no amateurs

All we wanted was a chance
of dress
Relegated by the Vatican
But you can't keep a spirit down that wants to get up again

If we're a drop in the bucket
With just enough science to keep
The status of our future in both past and present time,
Is relegated to a member of a higher class than mine.
To Determine and direct the lives
and the next run they getting relegated to the third division 
At street level, real people saying repeated sequel 
Rock and roll fall to the floor like last
and the next run they getting relegated to the third division 
At street level, real people saying repeated sequel 
Rock and roll fall to the floor like last
what it all means 
Think there is no point in trying to get up each day 
When problems that confound only speed your slow decay 
Future's relegated
Knowing it to be of my design?
Relegated - I resign.

You plant love love will grow
You plant fear fear a grow
If you planted meter me would grow
But I was branded negro
I got slanted before relegated
sing, bling, or do the Jordan
thing you will be relegated to shucking and jiving and the
kissing of rings. You can stay bowed your whole life and that
the heart is won
Support from near grave aswell as the cradle
Wether relegated or at the top of the table

We are the sons of 1880
1  7  6	1  7  6
We are
When you speak the words
It hurts but I like it too

Relegated to the underworld
You know you could be the one
Come on and take me there
To our
2, 2018.""

Young Relegated, Unforgotten, Leaders of South Africa!  
Emerge, the legacy! 

Verse 1:

Can come from
Iæ?³e waited
Iæ?³e written on promises and dreams
A thousand times
Still relegated to these lines

Like water untainted the sad.
Quixotic trail Iæ?³e left
and delegate
How else you think I'll ever upgrade and elevate?
But at this point in time, I got two options:
Get it done right myself or get relegated
Where it ought to be found
Relegated to the back of an underclass
You always hated the back
An attack in its purest form
An attack that?s forever
the same division, they been relegated
Don't speak on my business if you ain't delegated
Talk's cheap and we don't celebrate it
Need better excuses to get
To beg in the streets with despair,
Lagging behind [the horizon]
As we sail from Day
Into nights web
With deceit
to disconnect
Preserve some dignity, a system to respect
It's been justified and relegated
We bog down in our symptoms of despair
Too far along to pretend we even
in a flavored soda bottle 

No I'm not a coca cola can collector. 
I'm a relegated relic of the past 
A fragile agile intellect inspector. 
Carolina, did you think that we'd be finer

Well I'm a slave to the pop pop radio,
Relegated to the pop pop radio
Now I blame it on the pop pop radio
Let me
The consecrated feathers of this angelic being
A flame with Hells foul breathe
The humility of Gods sanctimonious creations
Relegated to whoredom
The Perverted
a black thing?
Must be the reason I'm the captain
Must be the reason I overlapped him
'Cause I'm dedicated
Me, I could have got relegated
Imagine I

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