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An' honestly honesty came me to suddenly 
Funnily I rejected it stubbornly but that's me
Whole heartedly heartbrokenly respectfully 
Regrettably I have
of your mind
Time for, change

Can't you see, see your fears of moving on
Clear of doubt, as on and the same regrettably
See your fears moving on,
could never name a day you wasn't there for me  
You Made a better me
But Regrettably
I was blinded by your shine
All I can do is apologize
Never bending for assumptions apparently made too soon

Unfazed by you
Passage swiftly underway
Lock the safe, throw away the key
Cut regrettably for
And I found out she'd moved away
Her best friend said to the north country

Now all this happened many years ago my friend
Aggressively, we all defend the role we play
Regrettably, the time's come to send you on your way
We've seen it all: from bonfires of trust
the time where we live in a world where you haven't said "yes" or "no" yet. And regrettably I end up using the word "destiny." I don't remember in what
Presence at the Colosseum
As for your large flagon of ale, alas it went flat
And regrettably I had to throw it away
Come now, not a moment to waste

Regrettably you never will

Fern Dell
Fern Dell
Fern Dell
Fern Dell
I thought I knew you well
I thought I knew you well
with it widows walk and wail among the willows. 
Widows walk ado walk on. 

I'm guessing this is called civil, regrettably strife. 
So lessen your
Count from five to one
Don't know what I've done
I go back regrettably
I don't know what happened to me
And I thought I was the one
Didn't know that
go to bed
I messed up badly
And I need you to know
That I love you madly
But I need to let you go
Regrettably I'm bound to see
My mother
am the enemy
I'm constantly feeling so terribly
I though about IT regrettably 
There's too many discrepancies 
All of my enemies 
Result in too many
Regrettably anything we had is done
I could always see through your wretched lies

Only one will make it out to this world again

You won't make it out alive
really concerned about your energy
Your lack of effort seems to suggest a theme, regrettably
You went from a brother to an enemy
In the end it seems, you
And the thoughts that I once shared

Regrettably you told me 
You never even cared 

Heartbroken on the side walk 
Disconcerted I want 
Another chance 
But giving up
taking bullets ready and willingly
I seen my boy and he said regrettably
Your broad’s with this dude caressing affectionately
At the time it was killing me
gave you every bit of my energy 
Now you knowing there'll never be a better me 
Especially when I be deadin' the enemy 
Regrettably I'ma have to put you
to me
Stressing out to no end, eventually
Least hopefully, moving on and up
To better things
Callously, don't believe in destiny
Regrettably, got feeling
I don't know if it's the way that I am or I'm feeling like
But shit can get heavy alone
And regrettably so, as I'm getting to know
Thinking back
waves at an early age
So many denominations with so little solidarity
We didn't ask for that regrettably inherited
Rich life's too sweet to swallow
since this whole life will be the death of me
Regrettably setting the table for the last time
You know, I stole them biscuits like a pastime
As I atone
that's me being honest 
(Just me being honest) 
And honesty all that qualities you'd expect from me have regrettably been lost in the nigga 
I used to be
some pussy accidentally
Whatever man, I ain't leaving here regrettably
I guess it's probably best if I decide to let it be - I know

I don't always need

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