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some decency
This year, the new pair, snake skin match the regency (aye)
Top floor where the white people be and did that legally
Buildin' business up
your mother for that regency

Please don't test me
Please don't test me
Please don't test me (uh)
Cut off your dick and then I feed it to your
the reason she chose, as the regency rolls, on zeros, the pearl white Olds
Mobile, shit I'm a ride high til I die or get killed
Smoke like fields, forever
murder in the lot
My nigga got popped with a bullet that was meant for me
The adapt by T's and be	's and the regencies
Fuck what the reason be, I'ma
girl poppin' the ecstacy (ecstacy)
All these new niggas they scared of me
I'm with Lil dude and Goonew in The Regency (trapnanana)
Sippin' on drank
over tea with the queen
Don't make him show the regency what disobedient means

Heavy load to bear, party over here, I'll be over there

Don't need
Paris de Bel Air
Je ne vais plus pour me distraire
Jouer les fortiches au Regency
Baby you're rich et moi aussi

Love love love is the air
Love love love
that's maybe how - I carry these things that are weighing me down

There's an army of frowns - in faded seaside regency towns 
That'll keep you away from
an act leave that shit at the Regency 
Movie money like Dame and Keen 
Wayan like 400 keys 
What I need in my dungarees 
To make sure all of my homies eat
In the latest drag

But alas I see
You must sell your self
To me
Or freeze in hell darling!

Come inside and be
Covered in regency
Well Hail Satin!
licks, and
I'm in love with those Camden tarts
Silver tongues and golden hearts
I really get those Chelsea dames
Regency façades and back door games

got people on)
Meadow long (I got people on)
Stone road (I got people on)
Regency park
to pick men of the rotten apples , regencies
See how Eve was a player then you compare who the sinner is
That’s why

I know a lot of fly hoes
That do
ab, wegen mein' Hype
Doch zurück zu dir Hayatt Regency
Pumpen Total in 'ner High-End Senior Suite
Nicken zum Beat, trinken zu viel ah
Crystal für
claustrophobic now
I saw you out in regency and you didn't notice me

And I remember the sky when we were both so high
And nothing else mattered
I remember
sie schnuppen und drücken
Ich seh' sie schlucken und spucken
Um sich dann neu zu bestücken
Sie liegen unter Brücken 
In Regency Suiten, bieten
ab, wegen mein' Hype
Doch zurück zu dir - Hyatt Regency
Pumpen ? in 'ner High-End Senior Suite
Nicken zum Beat, trinken zu viel
Crystal für dich,
claquettes, short à Pattaya (ouais)
Hôtel Regency Hyatt (ouais) on a grandi dans l'3yat
C'est la mafia tah Napoli, c'est l'43 Marroqui
Tout le hazi a pris
Dreiundsechzig, Caracas, draußen fällt der Regen
Stoß im Regency, die blaue Fünf ins Mittelloch
Schwarzer Wagen, Sterne auf der Haube, wie ein Spitzenkoch

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