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Walking hand in hand through time
Gravity, love, brings chills from above
Losing the ones, that ought to be mine
Invisible ghost, traveling through
Was a wildfire
Reduced to a candle
And I’m running out of air
And I
I Think it’s just too much for me to handle
But no one ever said that life was
his own aircraft
Having a laugh
On the Lisa Marie
In a color photograph
Under the hood
Cadillac blood
Darling bud
his own aircraft
Elvis having a laugh elvis on the Lisa Marie
In a color photograph elvis
Under the hood elvis cadillac blood elvis
Darling bud
the ground
I blame it all on gravity cause'
You got me upside down (Oh)

Pure destruction, yeah, you the new thing
Bombs away, bombs away
I'll be human,
I aim for the sun and missed
Got a gravity assist
I go on to the abyss
I aim for the sun and missed
Got a gravity assist
I go on to the abyss

I been
At the time of the onset 
Humanity mismanaged 
The gravity of the virus

It's hopeless now, this tragedy 
Exhausted of necessities
We're forced
watch the cop in the chopper
With the high powered binocular cameras
Attached the bottom of his aircraft
Takin photographs of your lab
Pointin a 50
And they would've snatched me 
If their craft didn't get trapped in the Earth's gravity 
Engines stalled and failed. Crashed into a farmer's field
as falling stars are 
Disintegrating blaze of light 
Spiraling like paper aircraft 
Gravity too hard to fight 

We throw our words around like toys 
And dare
Immortality, A.J. don't let the past determine who you gon' become and shouldn't do it for
I use it like gravity, I'm not even good at security so I
on a whole different level like a astronaut 
no plans to drop I'm higher than a mountain top
wings or not my spot been somewhere in space 
where the aircrafts
T Minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off
Yeah, homie pass the pot, we about to take off like astronauts 
Ain’t no gravity, where you wanna go float, to another
A dual state of being exists
Traveller of the continuum

Altered time
Altered space
Waves of gravity
Alter reality

Yeah i am reduced to bit's and razors

Bit's and razors cutting to the bone
Bit's and razors put me in the zone
Bit's and razors in all their toxic
embrace on the event horizon
Did gravity tear us apart
Reduced to less than a pair of atoms
You're still a beautiful mess
I don't want this ride to end
The cities driving me out
of my mind

I've seen a child he's caught
In the sad trap of gravity
He falls from the lowest
Branch of the apple tree
Metabolic functions reduced and stable
Enjoy your journey
And thank you for choosing Tesla Travel...
Your gateway to the multiverse

Home away from home...
and again
Again, again
Disappeared, reduced to fit
All the heat has gone
On an island far away
Screaming at the sea
Plastic eyes, they're listening
Could we realign break through. Pull through, Get back on the same side.  Every time gravity pulls aside. Could we defy? 

So many questions

I am not, a friend
Reduced to technology, apologies, and not agains
Lc Lc land costing you a lot again
Really just denying your reality
Still getting
can't seem to move that face so serene
It's disorienting not to feel the gravity

Let yourself be flushed through 
Until the calmness claims you
Scorched earth beneath our feet
Desolate sands for miles to see
Once fertile grounds reduced to dust
A sudden omen of times to come
I've been reduced to instrument and sneered upon

So easy to endure with the absolute renounced
When leading with the chin one might encounter

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