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the street nigga, you're done
Like a child support judge, we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die
And Ted Nugent want us all to die
But real niggas
I walked in through the back door entrance
Shocked it was unlocked, when I walked in, I smelled incense

Chased by a weed aroma, empty
a neighbor in peace
I'd treat her like a drug house and bang like the police
Now at the crib the lights are dim, the music is soft
I said, "You know what
means Blvd*
Tall Milt, Ned, Eddie, Ram, 
>From Caroll City, Dave, Mike and Sam
And Tony, ol' Cory and Ted
My nigga Uzi, fat Milt and Red
And there's
gown, gets drowned out by my med sound
Loud, TED talks on the iPad
Old search says Bang Bros., my bad
Good weed got be talkin' 'bout deities
to thumb suck
Once sought a life thought it right to write about
Now gets raped by aryans in the big house (OUCH!)

[Mr. Lif]
Ted did 20 years for growing
My casa, I run
My house, my turf like the ?
West side fuckin' with the Down South
Red flags all at my shows
Used to kill, now we all about dope

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