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"All this talk of tautology is making me confused"
"Could I have an example?"
"Well sure, go for it"
You only find
What you're looking for
The rhymes infinite and the wines infinite but
My times limited so i’m steady sipping it slo
Sipping that infinite recursion, enjoying life’s
of recursion
We can use words like stack, stack frame
The active frame, push, pop, a recursive call, and our base case
Talk it over, a paragraph!
You heard me
Recursion Abyss

Free admission,  inextricable sacrifice.  Traced, tagged, a metrics integer defined.
Fractured fragments resurrected.  Shattered
Todo se transforma
Después de miles de loops

Todo se desborda
Infinita recursión

No hay ninguna condición
Que pueda
a recursion
That never ends
Show me a little something
That I can really see
Sing me a song of freedom
To set my spirit free
I’m not anticipating
To live
the threshold of the void 

Between the boundless dimensions 
Under the spell of night 
Endless fractal recursions 
Quantum convergence in sight 

A nation
Induction through education
Action against deviation
Tension through administration
So what is life and impermanent blocker from the other side
A view behind the curtains averting the currents tide
The current version of recursion
yet, over yet, not yet
There is a burden to bear
Deeply rooted in me
Play out some form of recursion
It's living except for a fee
You climb until you
mouth, because
The escape is not into some science fiction future
It's into an archaic recursion of some sort
We, we once knew everything we need to know,
Life, simplicity, feeding back into itself similarity 
Unfolding chaotic processes absorbing waves 
Then rejecting entropy systematic recursion leaving
Here I go... loopty-loop
Recursion occurs
Jump through the firey hoop
No we can't take turns
Every time I go through
I collect more burns
I know
let me live 

All signs are pointing to darkness, like an infinite recursion of unconsciousness
Snap out of the sickness. What's holding you back from
For a purpose
Connect with the real and dodge the serpents
Real ones by my side that's picture perfect
Gettin wins and that's recursion
Proud of everything unseen
Tense recursion feeds back like a line
On federal time
Tired of waiting on the tide
Guess I'm gunna go this one alone
the rain 
And Silverstein left plenty of water in my brain 
This song was formed through fresh linguistic recursion 
I would over prepare for any possible
code can accommodate
Oblivion and disorder
And in computation
Comes recursion
Everything is the machine
Shooting data like an arrow
The relative arrow
Movements are not mechanistic
Events flow in constant recursion
Inclusive of contingencies
What we build becomes organic
Movement, flow, making
think of recursion
Till I wake from this dream
I've tried to escape them
The horses are dead
The life force has left me
I draw my last breath
Water has
breaks free
A mournful expansion
Saneless theory

Those detractors unnatural order
Erratic recursion of thought
Irrational change, the aspect of life
breaks free
A mournful expansion
Saneless Theory
Those detractors unnatural order
Erratic recursion of thought
Irrational change, the aspect of life

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