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can't keep giving in like this

It's not shocking
I've been here before
Recognizing something here in this place

Outside the walls of safety
Grown used
the sight of being undone

Oh no, oh no, a beauty to hold
So close, so close, I'm recognizing
Culture unfold, an order restored
Oh Lord, oh Lord, I'm
Recognizing I'm the only, only, only one that's ballin'
Only one that's ballin'
Only one who's going out the country
Gotta keep a translator for
We tired of my nigga
Ok cool
Yeay it’s cold

In the shows I be getting lows yeah
Met a hoe just to tap in morn yeah
Recognizing who to be the boss
I am, I am, I am, I am, I am 

Mixture of textures, I am
A combination of chemicals, I am
Collections of cells, I am, recognizing self, I am
ladies hitting my dm
Look into my eyes and you might find no happines
Cuz this Man up in my mirror im not recognizing him

Slippin thru the cracks I am
another portal
Recognizing early on that I am not immortal
Someday I'll be gone
Someday I'll be longed and missed 
No longer holding on
Keeping yourself unaware, confident we know you care
Looking out your little mind, recognizing time has passed
Ready for some further use, denial
bridges with my fire

Maybe I should take the time to just slow it down
But then I'm on the road, but then I'm on the road
Until you recognizing my whole
got in the way
Of recognizing missteps we've made
So we said goodbye to moonlit eyes
And met the morning and its flood of light
Gripped the thorns
Whose life is just a mistake
And recognizing yourself
Not interested on helping him again

In your room
Just like one piece
Of furniture
Understanding I see the way
You see the way I see
Recognizing some changes 
Aren't real change unless 
They're slow and painful
And my life is
And they never seem to be recognizing
Everything alive is all a part of my clan
I'm a copied image of the future humanity
But I need you to join me
Pride differentiation from a song and piece is pointless it's
Recognizing utilizing forces that we crave
Time is a detrimental force upon the context
the Lord
We will celebrate Him, He is the Lord

With a repentant heart O God
I come to you this day
Recognizing my transgressions
Wanting see your grace
Which seems kind of ironic right?
This is not about that
This is about recognizing what a great life you had
And recognizing uh, even if you don't think
Hoping that they get their hands on the recipe 
Recognizing I be bringing the energy
Recognizing they ain't matching me mentally
Every line I
recognizing what I lack

Something suddenly 
Is breaking through the clouds 
I can't appreciate the beauty, tell me how 
Never lost it how I'm losing it now
a lot more plates
And a lot more youths recognizing that they great
Cos Africa we heard too many lies
Too many die(Too many tribes to unify)
Too many
The day i took my own money
And went inside a store
Was the same day i
Started appreciating more
Recognizing the fact that
Money goes and returns
recognizing the brevity, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
I could start a war
Asking God for one more
Long kiss in a corner
Spring in California
Running for the border
I fight to feel alive
Though I know I'm dead inside
Dark emotions always rise
In the quiet of the night
Opened up my eyes
Recognizing all the lies
need arms to hold me, swallow me

Recognizing, realizing
Recognize between the lines of what you feel and what you be
You can be so lost and so found
never need arms to hold me

Swallow me
Recognizing, realizing
Recognize between the lines of what you feel and what you be
You can be so lost and so

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