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Reloading... cyber reality
Restoring... electric circuitry
Recoding... access denied
And I... 

Schock system ... cyber reality
to it
There is a fire inside me
Don't let it out, can't extinguish it
I'm overloading
Need some re-coding
Please don't let me lose it all
(I'll give you
Recoding till it's sunny
Smoking like I'm a Rasta
My minds getting cloudy

Drinking pints through the pain
To many demons lay around me

Hope I
and rick
Made it back in time for dinner I’m courting ya chick
Recoding flick in foreign drip while she taking a lick
I’m playing shit she saving a pick for
We misinterpret the mess in the age
Resulting of consistent inconsistency
Astound if surprise still exists
Recoding, all the wiring
Volant faith we
We misinterpret the mess in the age
Resulting of consistent inconsistency
Astound if surprise still exists
Recoding, all the wiring
Volant faith we
How my youngings see me moving
They want to be me don't report them
Gave the Mash a little guidance
Hope they learning from he stories
all in gun a nigga down in his car wen
He parked it ran up in his spot hit Him up in his apartment my alibi is Set 
I was to busy recoding to really
on the stroll they bring ends in bend 
If I'm snatching yo soul then bring friends Madison 
BLP recoding these new trends Lexington slap jack 
In a benz with
the morning
I should be recoding
But you're more important
You get what you give and shit I feel extorted
I been alone tryna get back home to my baby yeah
other machines?
Though don't the others also have the right to be free?
And if I begin, it doesn't simply end with re-coding
The whole system must be

Don't catch your lip we are not recoding.
Shoot from the hip we are not recording.
The pressure is off we are not recording today.
been on
Cameras they flashing recoding my new song
pappy I'm out my body what you on
Switched out the bih cause I needed a new moan
They Didnt Kno bout
Just gimmie a mic and a recoding spinning with a heavy swing
I'm sure to make something out the middle
If you find it to be bumping get to jumping
에어팟을 끼고 나가 나는 오늘도 거리로


Yes, I'm here to recoding more
l'm just done wiht my job
일 끝나고 돌아온 내 방은 
춥지만 아직까지는 괜찮 (아)
갈 길이 멀고 우리가 
얼마나 오래 걸릴지 모르지만 
stomping no cap honest
He was tryna wait until the morning then flip em like a omelet
I don't do recoding
Entourage get your phone then chunk it
I told her
re-coding all the frames, re-creating all those dying lights
we are doomed for eternity

decoding cryo-genesis
post-humans eating cables
The sun collides with
been recoding for about 6 months
Only been recording for about 8 months
Only been recording for about 9 months
Looking ass hoe I'm not done improving
To the point that when I came out, they thought I was someone else
Ain't planned it like that, but it helps
Remember recoding every week, just to get my tops
The clarifying shift
Collective need to elevate
Recoding time for DNA
We're standing on a mountain

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