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Do they need us now? Do you need us now?

There are no saints amongst us. No heroes.
Realisation haunts us. We are your only hope.
There are no
Has it departed or is it delayed? 

And I find myself just going through the motions 
Which isn’t the best realisation to have 
Though I try
was gone
What they were asking was more than I could bear

What more can.....can I say
The Realisation
Of blowing a brother away
dream cuts me loose
I join the dots, a realisation
Now I’m coming for you, yea
Sleeping is easy
Get in the back of the car
Dreaming is easier
I don’t feel
you" nothing exploded, no one disappeared

And the realisation shatters through me
That I'm the villain in this movie
But I've got no script and no
Cause' He acts like he's possessed
I said 'Hey man let's hear about God realisation
For a change'
He said "We ain't got time for that
First you must hear
In fact she teased so many
She was known as a garden tool

No more
I dispatched
Was it jimmy had met his match
Or could it be the realisation
the last
What the river took, we could never replace
And as the pain set in so did the realisation
You were never coming home
For nights we lay awake
and been lazy
But my dream's strong, hear this song I'm not complainin'

Just the realisation, livin' in this world of dreamin'
I mean I cry real tears and I
than uh, most uh, groups understand the system, and uh, with this 
realisation, uh, we attempt to form a strong political base based in
on the barbed wire at Flanders and Bilston Glen
From a Clydeside that rusts from the tears of its broken men
From the realisation that we've been left behind
Too late for John and Betty, 
And the realisation hit them like a fist, 
Like this. 

You know what's next for Eddie as he dives behind
long gone.
Morgan seethes at the realisation he has given his children too much of the little he has. 
Morgan wishes his family dead. 

Well I'm not
Into the valley 
Betrothed and divine 
Realisations no virtue 
But who can define 
Why soldiers go marching 
Those masses a line 
This disease
It wouldn't change the world in any way  This sudden realisation is tearing me apart This life is so perfect What can be said of the end? What will
Into the valley
Betrothed and divine
Realisations no virtue
But who can define

Why soldiers go marching
Those masses a line
This disease is
to gain this power
But I can't help
this emptiness inside
And all that's left...
drown in despair
distort realisation
bow to crude devotion
give me self-realisation or Oprah's Pick of the Week

And I don't feel much for politics, I'm not into black comedy
Give me the fundamentals, he smiled
monde fait d'imitations
De re-manipulation.
Là ou les réalisations
Ont dépassé la fiction.

Tout au fond nous a abusé.
Pour mieux nous diviser.
In front of this landscape
The realisation
Of the horror I unleashed

Streets bathed in blood
Of the innocent
I became God to save
hurtling chaos,
The slowly dawning realisation,
Of the ardour that faces us.
The absurdity, the terror,
The reluctant understanding,
The actions we
Grasp through soil
A realisation forms in blistered eyes
Time erodes us all
a terrible fable.

Awaking from a dreamless slumber, my alarm is ringing like Big Ben
My mind fuzzes into a realisation, it's Monday morning once again...
opportunities, all their hopes that I have killed
All the pain, the realisation, I'm almost forty and unskilled
My life is a catalogue of addiction, interspersed

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