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the morning they'll forget
The soldiers turn to quartering
No care if blood be shed
I cannot my erase my purpose here
I will not spill my fathers blood
You will

Quartering stab wounds to the back
See me rise above this yeah ill fuck with what you lack
Playing the cynical bitch is your way
Knowing its
Bloodthirsty and fragile
They masturbate my quartering
Lie, whore
Black Maiden
Greed has no law
In the void...
Black Maiden
quartering soldiers
Heard you was looking for me
They know of the kid
They better open my folder
I was the one in the past
That's back in the flash
I got
of Giant Rain
And then, as if the Hands
That held the Damshad parted hold
The Waters Wrecked the Sky
But overlooked my Father's House
Just Quartering a Tree
Quartering, infanticide
Insanity, perversion
Merciless, brutal acts
From his life he brings death

Psychopathic killer guided by instinct
Chasing his
Originality is out
Become dust in the wind
Filled with volatile doubt
Quartering those who sinned

Opposition's main tool
Has been placed with the teachers
of life because they'll never be
Done with all the fights
Done with taking me into the
Middle ground quartering me with no success
Weary once again

I can
And necrophilia after all

Deranged by tender kids 
Bloodfeast with easy preys
Lacerating to feel their pain
Quartering corpses for lunch

Blessed by gore!
Symmetric escissions cut you in a half
Forced to deformity, members I hack
Excavate the craneal crypt to entomb the heart
Quartering my last

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