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A putrid parasite, she thinks she's always right
She cannot see a night, her future burns so bright
She put me in this hole, a creeping carnivore
them I will taste your putrid rectum Bite down chew the shit asshole leaking anus split filthy discharge from the sores faeces covered butchered whores
We only poisoned it with putrid refuse 
Washed it's hands 
Of our life 
A concrete cancer we have become 
Self sustaining 
Ever lasting 
We only
putrid perforation
petrified in pesticides
a statue of entitlement
showering in righteousness
begging for acknowledgement
pathetic thoughts now
of corpse's wafts
Up from the bits of deaths
Fumes disgorge

Rancid heap
Walls steep
Vapors creep

Putrid tide
Rotted body

of a morbid past implies my mind is out of control
Putrid vision seen before but only seen by me
Screaming voices whisper murder
Pent up wrath is fed with
Cut the flesh & worship blood
Rotting carcass fucked
Strong uncut devour
Consuming my soul
Putrid gods unfold

the kingless throne,
When sun is yet to rise.
Consume this putrid sphere!
Forever and beyond.

When heavenly chants mute;
Thy apparition I behold. 
Oh Venus,
a funeral feast (putrid reek)

Weeping tissue is stripped
Pus dribbles from my lips
Pulverising this pustular chaff
Butchering up morgue's makes me laugh
a funeral feast (putrid reek)

Weeping tissue is stripped
Pus dribbles from my lips
Pulverising this pustular chaff
Butchering up morgue's makes me laugh
see the terror in their eyes 
Strike down their putrid flesh and hear the echoed cries

My sword will guide you
Aye and my axe
Bow and arrow tools
Putrid piss filled open wounds
Caress tender festered wombs
Bloated fetus squeezed and smashed
Fuck the mess with broken glass

Craving decay
Putrid society will feed
Rebirth of all we really need

Yeah, all we need
Your faceless greed
When we'll be freed

Crystal cloudburst
Sagacious sea
Putrid offal secretion discharged from every orifice (from all my corpses) they rot just below your feet awaiting my inspection
My grotesque
gaze into macabre visions of obliteration in the distance. bloodthirst goes unquenched. aroused by This putrid stench.
The putrid stench of the dead.
Boiled Alive 
Into liquid of extremity 
Burnt intestine 
Blistered putrid wound 
Exploding blood pustule 
Bubbling of the accused 
Intense sweltering
never leave
Sulfur and cadaverine

An oasis pools around my feet
A putrid feast that I can not eat

Explosions in the distance
Muted by a morbid thirst
Don't react, play dead 
Putrid and conditional
Earn your love
A lifetime of guilt
Foaming at the mouth
mass paralysis 
Fumes of intolerance  
before me are never lifting

So putrid, but I still find the stench real tempting, and I'm already knee deep
So I might as well go for a swim

Hear my
your feet Lying broken fucking faggot screaming forgotten stinking Anus leaking putrid rectum reeking penis rotten faecal Feel the shit in your throat
to erase your existence. Over and over again my hatred harbors a violent eradication.  This septic slaughter will judge you all. Your putrid blood will fill
full of emptiness
Zero emissions in utopian dreams fail in a world of chaos
Our children grow up surrounded by mountains of putrid darkness
And moribund awaits

Along the putrid waters of Acheron
Torn corpses dragged and crushed
Into storms of grinding flesh
Whilrwinds of carrion and putrid
to conceal the stench of putrid decay

A profit made from death
These huge organizations harvest lives
The Multinational
The Unstoppable

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