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find salvation I protest end the devil for the future of our nation (And leash your masters with pride)  I begin movement I am the purifying force You
Could not see the Light which he holds

Spirits of Purifying Flames, remember
Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember
Anunnaki, Judges of you're,
Wiping 'way all unholiness purifying me 

You God are here today in the midst of fear and my affray 
With You by my side I can survive 
These are the final remains
Cast in purifying flames
These are the final remains
Cast in purifying flames

Progressing through modern civilizations
and nothing can stop the purifying.
They remember how you conjured
all those years of sorrow.

Blasting winds of darkness conquer.
Dark lords and their
your mind
Fall in love with what you mean to me

A fire burns into you purifying gold
But what I saw was opulence
And that's not for me

Ooh ooh (That's
The point of no return is purifying

Retrospecting for all the wrong reasons
Pointing fingers to numb out the pain
Distorting the truth with a good dose
Realms where you're a dweller
Are sacredness beyond belief
Ecstasy of purifying flame
Once mortal flesh now divine
"worship me you loathsome ones
sense warmth commece in within.
I walk alone in the snow beneath the starlit sky;
I am free from the load of sin..

Into the purifying light I walk
warm and shining
Purifying, welcome Sonlight
Everyone who loves completely
With a heart that opens freely
Walks in Sonlight

Let us love in
Sonlight, warm and shining,
Purifying, welcome Sonlight
Everyone who loves completely
With a heart that opens freely
Walks in Sonlight

Let us
is you alone

How it should you be
Many years after the disasters that we've seen
What we have learned
Other than people burn in purifying flame
like you
You are always thinking of me and nobody has ever loved me like you

As the river flows, so are you purifying deep inside my soul
and get it right.

said me no want no sensimilia, no it only brings me down
Burn away my brain, away my brain is too compound
Purifying my soul
Fire of separation - Fire of sacrifice - Fire of purifying heat - Burned on rocky altars - Through the ancient nights - Now that fire's burning deep
heat, purifying I believe.
So are you ready for your cleansin?
Cause this is only the beginning."
somebody's hell
Purifying as you go

No, no, no, no, show me Mary
Where have you been? Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
It's a legion of angels coming down
To slay the filth out of this land
Purifying this race completely so they've got something to save

They are here
Burn with me
Purifying, now we burn
Suffering while

Time creeps slower
In charred hands your head is lowered

Now watch me burn

No surviving, we
hits the land,
taste the fruit of the lotus:
the blue, sweetest poetess.

I’m reborn with you.
Out of the mud with you.
Purifying my heart.
Our Blood!

Flying to the Skies
Guided by the Stars
Purifying Our Souls!

We are Proud to Die
On the Battles Ground
In the front of Enemies!

for walk, rather are made for they lick
Purifying their evil guilts with a tongue really slick

From sewers and filthy holes
From the shadows and crack
His flesh purifying with abyssal fires
Preparing himself for the great vengeance
Preparing himself to rip the skies apart

Even matter will wish not
The Brotherhood of Steel
Our Master guides us and we follow his will
Purifying flame shall cleanse your body and soul
The passion and the pain as one - torments

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