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the recipe
When I say lights out
Open heart surgery
My niggas aint scared 
Theyll purge no purgery
My niggas aingt scared
Theyll purge no purgery
And thats
nothing higher
Keeping up with me is a mission you look tired
The purgery is real and they've called out Mike Myers
So keeping up with me will ensure you're
take ya face
Before he tell on me they'll get him 4 purgery
Hustla's shoot shit
Rob shit
Loot shit
Hard core convicts
Mob shit
If you snitch,
We know it's a ? hand-me-down,
This thought is a purgery blindfold.
Where she crawls from the Himalayan rain,
With the birds of prey
We know it’s a (?) hand-me-down,
This thought is a purgery blindfold.
Where she crawls from the Himalayan rain,
With the birds of prey
Fuck whoever sayin' shit
Fuck the whole system
Fuck whoever playin me
Fuck whoever listenin' to Guliani

Fuck purgery, fuck the club
Fuck the ball,
Yeah lay down the currency (woo)
Commit a Purgery (ha!)
Five letter word FLOYD (it's sad)
Fix like Jackson Boyd (Jackson Boyd)
There's no more peace
in surgery
If they say i ain't the best
Then they probably  committing Purgery
If you wanna get rid of me
You gone have to murder me
Everywhere i go
Bring the heat Or hit street
Uno got song of the week
Stop lying on my name purgery
My choppa don’t miss let em eat
Not top 5 I’m top 3
You hit a lick and fall off again
Guess its back to flipping burgers
No urgency
I know it's purgery 
Reciting all the lines from Channels like you 'aint
The week end is calling for purgery
For thugs to get they guns and discourage the weak to flee the streets for more than a dozen weeks
I ain't talking murder to the first degree, I'm talking straight purgery
You and me can't be in the league only Gs, what the fuck it bout to be
Cuz I
a gangster I just love the purgery 
In the hood I was victim to some burglary 

Just leave me lone go on phone home yeah yeah
Aye I'm in my zone I'm gone VHS
on to every word from me
So my haters and ops can learn from me
The mic is gonna need surgery
Claim I ain't the best? That's purgery
That's irking me
I don't
want us
I am the camel the mammal with golden enemal 
You fold you a dog need a kennel

Fucking with sunny its surgery
Run up on you and its purgery
the demons on my black cleaning shit let’s call it purgery
Turn the cheek like Martin King, young nigga you do ya thing
Remember we are kings and queens, being
talking no gang shit i’m talking currency
Ain’t sign no deal yet,
if they say i did then that is purgery
Learn from the stars, watch how they move, then
it mr Clean
I'm gotem lock in dope fiend 
I shoot first I'm misses purgery
I'm spitting facts call me 3rd degree
Cause they claiming I'm Spitting
the hunger fool u I can Bring out the purgery
I guess yall not understanding Somebody interpret please
Or just chef them up into a Young fricassee
I'm make
But it looks like you got worst 
Wasn't doing purgery
When I wrote this verse 
Y'all ain't ever heard of me 
But ima come in first 
Fake nighas not
is grade a  purgery  
And just like a cig I will hurt you internally  
Shock to the system requires abdominal surgery  
But when im on a track you
a corrupt cause without reason
Only cost is the wounds of life
No surgery could make it right
This purgery won't end tonight
But certainly i'm worry free in
Beauties in the eyes of the mad man
Plagued trance, plagued trance
Purgery of nature with a bad Stance
The pains never ending
Acid Rain, take the body away
experience of a vision Unheard
Starting at the past 
Where the wounds seem to last
Nigga feeling like trash
And the plot bout to crash
That's purgery 
A whole

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