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with them commas
I bless him If he want that drama (Bow)
Yo bitch gone slim down for the summer
We kicking shit just like the punter (100)
Just like
Yeh beat hai wonder
Chakke Mar du like a punter
Khada hu samne 9 mili ke sath mein hu ek Hunter
Dar hai Tere andar
Raja mein like sikandar
Jyada bola
(the gutter)
We the reason it got hot every summer
Lil' hoes, they be in my face and they just wanna kick it
Hell naw, I ain't fuckin' with punters (I
Oooooooooo oooo
Trapping non-stop I swear there ent no in between
My punters spendin money just like charlie sheen
Ent no new friends but im still making
Kickin' in yo' door, you would think I was a punter (you think you know me)
What, yuh
Huh, huh, Dexter
Ha, yuh, what (Diamonds hot like
your face
When I heard your voice
Tom with a "TH"

Let the ass bray
Make the punters pay

Let the ass bray
Make the punters pay

Let the ass
the right punter
He used to be a fogle hunter
Got a nice thing for the right punter
He used to be a fogle hunter

We had a drink then a couple more
it back these niggas be punters 
Niggas be blocking perk gave me a burner
Free my lil brodie and fuck the your honor
Don't trust these niggas, learned
were going it was obscene
Didn’t expect to be on the bus - for rest of the night
1 punter 3 rows back had all the rights

When i woke perspiring i
223 bangin like ah drumma 
Drip and drown nigga like gunna 
Hit em with the heat nigga like a Sauna 
Neva on the field nigga you a punter
All my
the right punter
He used to be a fogle hunter
Got a nice thing for the right punter
He used to be a fogle hunter

We had a drink then a couple more
Ain't no playing fair I'm tryna even the score
Touch me a bag I want more, bro got the drop sending punters to your door
Stick needed shells take my
Justice mustards y'all can't get it to busters ay
Lobsters running out of mana for the punters yea
Hunter or hunted be a moment I never knew what got
a punter
Ok yeah we can get to it
Lil Bitch yes we can get to it
You can't double back
Lil Bitch you done blew it
Put on the Karti that lil Nigga ruined
think bout it and really I don’t even want the shit
She heard I’m that nigga now she wanna kick it with me shawty she on some punter shit
Ima give her
She just wanna kick told that bitch im not a punter
Why that nigga fronting 
When I hold her hand she start blushing

Diamonds on my neck
Them bitches
Even as a youngster
Making lodgements, shutting down the commish
But now the governments involved punter’s gotta take a risk
So now I’m labelled
grounded like it's punishment
And ones that's born to kick game like a punter's kid
The bare essentials, here to stay like residentials
Successfully bridged
Off the punter's hand
She just tryna have fun
She don't want a man
A one night stand what I wanna plan
My under man not undermanned
Should record
i get extra then baby i might punk ya
I might punch ya
Smoking ganga
Ride with gunnas
Kick shit like punters
Stone Cold
Ima Stunna
Wake up the Demon
out the front (Ballin' out the front)
Niggas like to front (Front)
You know I like to front (Know I like to front)
I kick shit like a punter (Punter)
to the money!
I don’t want if it is not pointers! all that bubble gum jewelry is funny!
Roll exotic I smoke out the onion
Kicking shit shawty call me a punter
not a Rolex you're a faker
Let's see you shake that money maker
Money from the punters 
Shove it in your wallet
Your heads full of shit like Johnny
The splash... it's dripping
The cash... I'm spending 
She bad... I'm hitting
She wanna kick it like punters but after i fuck kick her right out

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