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By Paul McCartney


You know that she's hot property
That girl is hot hot hot hot property
Oh baby, she's hot property
My baby's hot hot hot hot property

got some ocean front property in Arizona
From my front porch you can see the sea
I got some ocean front property in Arizona
If you'll buy that I'll
Don't take me for a fool
Make no mistake
No give and take
I'm too good for you

So keep your hands off
Private property
Hands off
Oh oh
Keep your
I'll be your fantasy, but I won't be your property
Love you eternally, but I'll never be your property
Love from me's not guaranteed
Just because
She's got a kiss like fire
She burns the lips right off my face

It's finder's keepers
Loser's gonna weep
She's personal, property
Sealed 'n'
the empire falls
Until you think it all

You gave your love to me
And now you are my property
You sold your soul
You can't retrieve the love I stole
Son: "What's that, Daddy?"
Dad: "That's government property, Son!"
Son: "Buy why?"
Dad: "Why does the sun come up?"
back jut like the others do
Remember him of what he used to be when he comes walking through.

He's the property of Jesus
Resent him to the bone
Wandering properties of death
Arresting moons within our eyes and smiles we did rest
Among the granite tombs to catch our breath

Worldly sounds
Youngblood, you're hot property, youngblood
Youngblood, you're hot property, youngblood

When you're burning hot with fever
An' you shake
own me, own me, own me:

I'm your property.
You're corrupt, 
You're deformed.
You corrupt,
You deform me.
Own me, own me, own me, own me: 
Low humanity, earning more property
No efforts to help the poverty

Greed takes over and kills all of thee
Going lower in morality
want it
My property since birth

The leaders of society
Are digging on my sacred illusion
They won't take
That my thoughts are free
So now they
My property is my property
Contract body
Romance in front of
Watch this

I'm on a romantic call
Talkin' to my baby
Don't me lord
He's got a wife with a pretty face.
Takes vacation, owns property,
Dr. Dalsimer, Dr. D.
In the daytime what's he doin?
Upstairs in the attic he's
Reallocating property
We engender transformation
We're not concerned with poverty
Just the rebirth of a nation
No time for hesitation
Not even
standing next to a church
There's no hope without a prayer

It became reality
No security, it's good or bad
To protect our property
To defend our land
to yourself
It's all mine, all my property
Don't belong to you
Hands down and eyes open
Oh, baby, you're mine
Oh, baby, all mine
All mine
I wear today
My whole world is your property

O, to be a machine
O, to be wanted
To be useful

I took a walk with an invisible friend
I know what you're thinking
But I'm not your property
No matter what you say
No matter what you say

Move along, there's nothing left to see
Nobody noticed then we wanted to be free, 
And now there's no more love, 
It's just the property. 

It's hard to keep from crying, 
After all that
(I, I'd rather fail)
And do it my way
(And do it my way)

Property of goatfucker
Property of goatfucker
Property of goatfucker

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