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Are you projecting your traumas on mine
Are you too damaged to be fixed
I think this is bliss but can you confirm what this is
Are you a demon in
to your work
And bind you to the earth
And bind you to all these problems

This world is a project this world is a projection
You?re projecting
This world

Did you imagine the good in you
Well Who's to say
And Did this leave you lonely
Projecting all your truth on a full but empty room

Does this tire
not infected, I'm self projecting
Donde estabas?
What do you mean, where have I been
I had to run a couple of errands after work
Oh, si...
I picked up
to truth
Step into the dark

I'm in the void
Projecting a new reality
Clear the mind
Creating what my eyes can't see
I've been
Projecting a new reality
Pull up to your bitch cause I'm unstoppable
Break her heart cause that's what I do
Have her screaming my name
And projecting all the blame
Have you
All those little lies and the better life you're projecting
You're projecting

Your self-assurance bloomed into a flaw
There's no reminder
Man, I
The projectionist is at it again
He's wrecking the world's greatest film
Projecting his vision on art on a whim
The projectionist is at it again

Projecting projecting projecting
What does projecting even mean
Can anybody tell me

I thought 
You knew I was no good
You know 
What I'm up too
just projecting
Go ahead and say what you mean
You come and go with the tide
And come and go is how you thrive
You say the words but don't know
People calling me oppressed 
Telling me to worry saying I should stress 
They projecting they sadness they mad I'm not depressed 
I just see life for
to be
Just yourself, when everyone has needs
Don't let them control you from the outside
Pulling strings, projecting on you their lies
Don't let them
such a blurry line
I find
That gets pushed by
So many many many people
Many people
Places and things
All projecting
All projecting
All projecting
what you’ll see
But won't even listen just projecting all on me
You got me fucked up, you can’t see this is tuff luv
Shit that i been raised from but
on my way
Maybe some accountability
Projecting what you want but cannot be
You didn't wanna say
Now I'll be on my way
Well, I'm not gonna accept it
projecting the lies
Only high, I won't see a demise
Champagne flutes orchestrate the planning of mine
Feel better bout my thoughts when I aint thinking at all
questions the scene
Projecting negativity
Her nightmares, they used to be dreams
Tried to be gleam, persona to mean

Ain't got time for no bullshit
Ain't got
Shedding every fear
I don't see progression when I'm scared 
Fuck it it's a message be prepared 
Shedding every fear 
Shit that y'all projecting I don't care
Been building my life out of distorted fragments
Absorbing light through a prismatic tomb
My mind imbibes the city's madness
Projecting worlds
In home theaters
Still projecting
A voice from the back of your
Double feature
Soft and harder
Wait in silence
While planning
the rage grew stronger
I'm burning the food of the ones who are skin to the bone

Who are you, projecting my crimes and dealing in pain
I need to go

Looking back
Think I'm projecting here but
Sweet 16, you're really the sweetest
Looking back
You can look all you want but
Sweet 16 won't
White law
Injecting new life
White law
Projecting white wills
White law
Keep your eyes white
White law
The chance won't come again

And then I feel rejected
Projecting what I feel on  Mirror so reflective

Testing stable part or system  Waiting for someone who'll listen
But I didn't

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