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so rare
I'm drippin', no tears (splash, splash)

Splashin' on, Louie (Louie), Fendi (Fendi)
We're icy (icy), pricey (pricey)
Run down, the buss
I'm talking spicy
New Givenchy and Saint Laurent, this shit pricey
I give the hood motivation 'cause this shit pricey
'Cause this shit pricey
Lil' fish

Keep a bad bitch talkin' to me nicely
Only fuck expensive hoes if they pricey
Make a movie on that hoe, that's a Spike Lee
Feel like
Never really cared who liked me (liked me)
Mansion on the water, shit pricey (pricey)
I came from the slums in a white T (uh)
All about the check,
Man, she said she want drinks
Sorry, baby, but that shit kinda pricey
I'm not paying twenty for a shot
Now, I know that sound cheap
But that's how I
said it's my pussy (yup, it might be)
If you eatin' it
Do it precisely
'Cause I'm a millionaire, this pussy pricey
(Yup, it might be, yup, it might
it's real pricey
I want double CC's
You don't get shit free
I want double CC's
Boy, this pussy ain't free
I want double CC's
Boy, this pussy pricey
the Maybach
I took the top off the Maybach
I took the top off the Maybach

Ooh-ooh, ooh, it's glittery, glittery
Ooh-ooh, it's pricey, pricey
Ooh-ooh, 1.5
like a Lambo
She remind me of a Murcielago

Like a Lamborghini, shorty very pricey
She can be your wifey could say that shorty might be
But I think
knife me
When you actin' so politely, you really spite me
'Cause you see me livin' nicely, really pricey
Drivin' somethin' so depressin', suicidin'
(they icy)
My main bitch, she pricey (woah)
Side bitch, feisty (feisty)
The bih too stylish, don't need no stylist
Rock and roll it
LaFlare, I'm
bij de buurt, met een V op m’n lijf
Ik ben het levende bewijs, yeah
‘k Was al on die kite
Blow het leven, die is pricey

Al die dingen die je doet,
on a hundred
Y'all hoes hate (drip drip drip)
Icy, this pussy pricey, these niggas like me
Wanna buy me and fly me private, won't ask politely (drip drip
Everything is expensive, yeah, this life is God pricey
Revenge is so costly, tell me what would you pay for a friend?
When everything is expensive
might be
It's very unlikely my wrist ain't lookin' icy
Chargin' by the minute 'cause my time is very pricey

Bougie when I'm broke, so I'm bougie when
to do when he can't get through?

Medically speaking you're adorable
And from what I hear you're quite affordable
But I like them pricey
So exaggerate
the gasoline 
I drink it every day 
But it's getting very pricey 
And who is going to pay

How come you're so wrong 
My sweet neo con.... Yeah 

pricey, it's sendin' ya body chills
And we baptize cars, put hollows through windshields

[Hook: x 2]
I'm Mr. Baller, nigga
I'm Mr. Baller
What's you
pretty pricey
I'm a walking dollar sign (wow)
You can see the money in my stride (stride)
Say I ain't fly, that's a lie (that's a lie)
Jxmmi got 'em
quite pricey
My fist so rocky and and wrist so icey
Might be, thrown off my rocker just slightly
Fiesty, claimin' hot temper don't ignite me
I'm only

Be single and mingle around
Seen one too many get tied down
That shit right there is pricey
I ain't got no wifey

I don't mean to be pushy, pushy
I can admit I likes to party
I spent a grip
I swipes the cardy
When I heist, I'mma drips my pricey garmy
I'm the swami
Hyphy hip-cat
you darly
Buy the barry
I can admit I likes to party
I spent a grip
I swipes the cardy
When I heist, I'mma drips my pricey garmy
I'm the swami
girlfriend, Makaveli-in'
I told wifey she too pricey
And then I went got icy
A nigga get poltergeist-y for the Breitling
If you baller blocking, invite me

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