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Isaac Saylor (The m…  


Merry mending to you
Merry mending merry mending
May your convalescence be fun as you chat about prevention

Merry mending merry mending
Monitor outside
For the people inside
A prevention of crime
A passing of time 

The come and they go
It's a passing of time
They come and they
Prevention is the only cure
Kiss them through windows
Throw up in your plate

Look angelical
If you sleep before I arrive
I’ll pray for you
does not pay
Crime-prevention surely does
Securicors sell illusions
You don't buy safely but fear
Sick brothers of big brother are watching me
Little chief, pull out your teeth and,
When it burns, the words inside,
Ounce of prevention that scars my eyes.
And I can feel the human I had once
[Repeat: x2]
Protection (prevention)
Detection (detention)
There's no where to defect to any more

[Repeat: x2]
I'm building a wall
A fine
my Miranda
I hid, she sought and caught me under the veranda

I'd say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of attention span

Spanning all
your putrid diseases
Stretch my senses
Beyond the peak of insanity

Why practice methods of prevention
When I can pay for your hideous mistakes?
those who question

A vicious circle of passive acceptance
Passive acceptance of a vicious circle

Prevention by convention of infantile dissention
living in
The epicenter

Never owned a house or a car
I'm just a renter
Met my love at the prevention center
You welcome to the center of you
of hole 
Open your mouth 
Relax your body 
Breathe normally 

My advice come and see me once a year 
Cause prevention is better than cure 
It cause less
Why does August try so hard
To hoist me on my own petard
I've learned one thing from how we were
That an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure
Cruel intentions, harbored for thee
Too few to mention, but not too hard to see
Crude inventions and mysterious schemes
I need prevention now
to your own tomb. 

Prevention is better than cure, 
Bad apples affecting the pure, 
You'll gather your senses I'm sure 
Then agree to, 

Celebrate your yellow eyes, no intention, self prevention
A horror tide, death for dead, borrowed time, a hallowed life
You're fucking dead you're
of prevention
He said I know a little waterin' hole 
Where the band is hot and the beer is hot
There's more woman there
Than at a Tupperware convention

no means of prevention in my back yard i pulled every weed to get to the flower that was underneath now the flower's not growing it seems it's dying
Celebrate your yellow eyes, no intention, self prevention
A horror tide, death for dead, borrowed time, a hallowed life
You're fucking
We clash like criminals
In bed with loss prevention

We move when they say
And beg for shit that we
Will never ever need
So keep the receipt
of fire prevention
If I roast marshmallows over their bodies
Do you think god will still find their souls?

Just want to be like we used to
there's nowhere to go
You need protection
You need protection I need protection too

In a square package some call it prevention
Do you wanna have some
of deceit

Imagine a fence
Around you as high as prevention
Casting shadows, you can't see your feet

Imagine a girl
You long for and have
claw. Knife to your wrist, syringe in your
Arm is your ounce of prevention. Give what you made,
And under your name on your grave, is salvation. A big
It's called suicide prevention
But, don't you know, everybody's gotta go

Everybody's gotta go sometime, but I'm so far from ready
Ain't gonna

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