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Well, you heard about the Great Pretender?
I went to see him and he's not the same
Down by the club on the parking lot cinders
I was to meet him
that my heart is stealing
Looks like I'm livin' it up but I'm dyin' down deep inside
Oh yeah 

Got a smile painted on my face
Got my heartache
On my way back from a wedding
I drove round some of the old streets
I got swept up by the memories
Of cold nights and warm sheets
I parked outside
I walked down the street
People passing me by
They look me up and down
But they don't look me in the eye
I'm just another stranger

In my own
nigga say he got them bricks
Scored a few by the two, or the ten, that's a lick
And my momma know I'm gutter and she also know I'm strapped
And she
want 'em, you got 'em
Rap contact, is writin' this exactly, the way it should be
Attacked, Killer Beeeees on a swarm
So what my martial law drops bombs
The (?) is smokin'
Is bloodily soakin'
The Scarecrow
The sicker
The Snizote I'm locin'
We up in the attic
My victim in panic
They try to get franic
my heart
Granted, my heart was tainted by my mind, I kept on sayin'
Where's the hits? You ain't got none
You know Jay would never put your album out
what I possess 
In my heart the emerald four star general flips the art


One thousand and one Arabian nights
March through your city
heart we wanna break

Got everybody talkin trash fool meet me in the grass then we’ll see if you can back up all the comments from the past

I don’t
From a young teen, a murder team, inspired by crime
See Allah Just granted permission for my position
Sit down, write rhymes, escaping this repetitive
to rise the killer
I'm too distant to talk, my vicious assault
Is inflicted in parts to slit you and stick in your heart
I got nothing to lose
I buy my gold by the pennyweight scale
On Thursday I got a check in the mail
I bought a solid gold 500 S-E-L
I tour the world, my fortune untold
cause I felt in my gots
Never run my life, in the back by your own
How I felt all alone, then I felt shot us to the left
The they came around, when they
Hold ground by yo' side when it go down, I dedicate this next dart
To my fucking heart
Little Meth he the best part, now walk with that one, word
down, hands down
Hold ground by yo' side when it go down, I dedicate this next dart
To my fucking heart
Little Meth he the best part, now walk with
out, yo

This is war niggaz, a duel to the death
You better make sure your swords sharp
And you got a lyin' heart
'Cause, I strike for the throat
My sons, absolutes, and friends
I like the idea of being a soldier, in the army of the lord
(continues preaching)

Arch Rivals
We got
Sickly's the only way I know how to drop it
Every time I kick it people look at me like my name's
Ripley's Believe it or Not
Got a wonderful
murked, they would love to see me die
Acid tripping vision, everything look hi-defy
Drugs, money, liquor, only things that get me by

I got a lot
the things we had to overcome
So I treat every chance like it's my only one
So fuck the fake love and the pretenders
"Don't Waste My Time" got on Eastenders

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