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I understand the language of love
I'm fluent
So don't make me chase the game
Don't make me walk the pretence

I understand the language of love
with pretence
Nuff youth Badmind
Fuck up from when
Mount a name wey me coulda call dem
Neva Call Friend
Me nuh deal with pretence
Nuff youth Badmind
and down     
So wildly
Just not the kinda living that appeals to me

Is your love all pretence? 
I want to get it straight
Don't keep me in suspense 
She can't believe it
I flew her over for the weekend
She acting shy, she playing pretence
'Cause in the bedroom she a demon
Shawty wet I'm
And now he's gone
And he's not coming back

Coz it's the 
Same old heartache again 
The same old 
Want you back pretence 
Same old heartache again
They told me I must be silent and don't break The code
Come back rewind you took the wrong road
Apologise and live this pretence
After seeing
these the names of your past, next to mine
Tongues stuck out to taste the snow
Red brick rooves, the pretence of more
More words we can't sound out
""A Mother's shame The Struggle For Intent Another's blame Life's troubled story ends  Show No Pretence Youth has faded away Show No Pretence Beneath
""A Mother's shame The Struggle For Intent Another's blame Life's troubled story ends  Show No Pretence Youth has faded away Show No Pretence Beneath
This globe's gone mad but  
Best you know where you stand
If you don't ya be looking for strings to grab
It doesn't make sense all this pretence
free falling
It's the best thing
With your best friend
In the west wing
Got no pretence
Are we in paradise
Don't know why we exist
Is this our last life
I've been going through some things
I've been tryna ride all of  these waves
Say you love me but it's all pretence
I've been tieing up your loose
know I'm okay 
I want you to liberate me 
I want you to invigorate me
I want you to save me from the 
Mannequins of false pretences 

Build a castle
I'm in no shallow arse pretence
But I can't stand you
Take offence
You like to talk
You like to speak
Of all the trouble I don't seek
Take a second,
Don't want a life of lies and pretence
Don't want to play at attack and defense
Just want my own life. I want to be free
So you can be you, and I
of bittersweet
to shed this false pretence
As love begins to mend
the cold and silent walls
My stifled heartbeat
Oh it's best to leave the tv on
your scent still
The blind will always be supportive
Of the false pretence that rules
Too blind to see the truth

Remembrance of the path you've walked till now 
man (Lowkey man)
I no fit yarn Wetin I do
I'm living good no pretence (no pretence)
Whatever you hear na taboo
Na me dey control the girl (control
the past tense
Nikupe this loving
Under no pretence
Now baby won't you slow down
Let me hypnotise you
Niwe wako and I'll give you guidance
Nikiwa na we there
In the house I'ma burn myself with
Had to look back and see you in a
I'm for pretence ,heart ain't right shawty
Catch the first
Is this just pretence
Is this in my head
Day after day I still feel the same
Stuck in a rut is there another way
Is this all real or just pretend
up on you on pretence (on pretence, on pretence)

Pretty little angels they fly away 
Smoking on the weed like a holiday
Me and all my goons
Blow the trumpet 
Won tun ti de o
Stop the pretence
Turn it off one time no delay o
Stop the display o
Stop the display o
Stop the display o
Stop it
just change your pace 
So we can 

Meet up at the weekend
I didn't want to throw you in the deep end
Don't lie to me no pretence
No small talk don't want

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