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Let's be the audience 
I might lose my patience 
Polite applause excepted 
To the ones selected 
I am the audience 
Breakdown the pretence 
will accommodate,
But things aren't what they seem when they're partially hidden behind walls of pretence built for peace of mind.
The barriers between
we would be scared of

When you're in my arms
The world makes sense
There is no pretence
And you're crying
When you're by my side
There is no
I was all at sea
'Til you rescued me
Saw through my charade
Said don't be afraid

My life was just pretence
You won my confidence
And came
Years full of clear days
A life of comfortable moments
I loved you in my own way
You offered me no pretence

Together we were just
A reflection
to long lost causes.

Pledge allegiance to pretence
The white flag of indifference
You sought a grail forged of fools gold
And on the quest your souls
than ideas. To follow their pretence.

With a scowl in his pocket and a smile on his face
He followed with obidience
And fell in the Nettles.
In moments of reflection
It all unfolds to me
I walk down through my mind
And feel a bittercold fear
What mankind did with pretence
Of religion
against the cutting edge
Sigh-times cloud over when met with pretence

Drop the act !
Drop the act !

I'm blunted, I'm blunted against the cutting
There lies a body: cold, bloated and empty
Like all the other: victims together
The happiness in silence: good without pretence
And the last day:
a quiet way
No bullshit no theatrics no pretence and left no evidence
You left no evidence

You left no evidence
try, but they won't see your real face. love is not your parents lies, but you dare not face this fact, their pretence at paradise, keeps you down +
your hand to my mouth,
And a gun to my head,
Let's stop this false pretence,
Become real friends.

Let's have a mustard gas war,
Because a fuck's
pretence our wanderings to guide 
Ah, cruel three! in such an hour beneath such dreamy wheather 
To beg a tale of breath too weak to stir the tiniest
out loud at the phony innocence 
And pained pretence and the dismal rage. 
The vacant lot that thankfully time forgot 
Where you never have to act,
cannot be a false pretence
As people arise I feel it
Stone cold, a passive disease, no chance of healing
You'll wonder if this is the end
The void submit
Fighting against two enemies
One's commercial, one's pretence
Play me off against each other
Self-belief's my only defence

Big or small,
the army boys pretence
I won't betray the human race
Leaping to the system's defence
Don't want a life of lies and pretence
Don't want to play at attack and defense
Just want my own life. I want to be free
So you can be you, and I
Blind to deceit - By our fears - To a kingdom of false pretence
Selfish hands- Fllacies - Never ending
Dominate - The fix is in
A crusade not meant
sweeter, brighter thrill has come along

I can sense trouble just around the bend
And it's all been my kind of making
I can't carry on with all this pretence
could be us
Who's next to be the tabloid slut
The tragic faith is shedding tears
For all the pretence all the years
Caring when you should feel guilt
For big illusions
Your call for true pretence

Leave your mind to see
My sermon on the mount
Follow my doctrine
It heals you it heals me

this theatrical assembly of pretence and woe.

compliance is not my greatest strength. I find it hard to look enthusiastic when we both know we're just
You reach out your hands
To the mere pretence
You dream to be a part
Of this perfect world
Wear your tempting grin
You'd do anything

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