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My name's Mark.
And I'm white.
I live in a predominantly white neighborhood.
I went to a predominantly white college.
And I have
Predominantly right-brained
Niggas think the trickle is icicle way the ice hang
Cup get rid of sniffles and it finish with a slight twang
We gone ride forever for
much rather be sober
It be chronic on Gin and Tonic, I'm so predominantly winning
On all this rap shit, the king of comedy
And writing, and all this
and see 
Predominantly, CL'll be, All in the Family 

God bless Marky Black, know we go way back 
The lyrics I pack is like a needle in the haystack
The type she served it was quite superb
Ran through the city in a white suburb
Lived in a predominantly white suburb
She liked the herb, rockin' all
with plastic
Pressed, predefined, presumed, precarious and pretending
Predominantly preying on our preoccupation:

of my life 
Politely participating in predominantly white spaces
This album is my tactical deconstruction

He signed your name in the red ink
To remind
doesn't belong here
Have you forgotten how we got to this place
Why then are all the jails predominantly the black race
If you dont teach me my culture I
notations were introduced
and music could be noted in precise intervals for the first time
then it was mainly vocal music
some predominantly with vowels
of gear
Like a dirty parasite
Go and fly a kite

Why does it seem to have to be
Sanctimonious nonsense fills my day
honestly I'm predominantly the one with the bigger/better vision
It's too easy but you need me
'Cause you see I got to go ball every day-day
Can't stop, I
From our total environment
And from other people
And, so, act towards it
In a predominantly hostile way
Of course, you see, if you think
If you really
of the po-po 
Where the bag of mad rappers at
Predominantly black music turned whack
Better pack your back, crack a bare knuckle
Aerodactyl lack wings, call me
predominantly whenever you're starting it, B
When I get a bothering I can be kind of a mean spirit 
You hear it? I'm honestly godly kid, fall upon your knees 
through countylines
I push the pen predominantly but if I must I push the pounds
Put the mato in my woe garage them crackers crackin' down
Cuzzo keep
been spending all my money on music and pornography
and If I'm being honest it's not working economically
So predominantly I've been thinking about
a neighbourhood titled as predominantly white 
And the homies with a father and their mother still his wife
'Cause some of us never had that luxury 
Now dreams are
predominantly of water
I drink water free of chemicals - such as chlorine
I drink water free of heavy metals such as fluoride
My body responds with vibrant health
the system
But it's cool, stay in school obey the rules
To make some moves
And here's to hoping
But this providence is predominantly white
And we're the tokens
job, hope was camouflaged
Found a crib on Nineteenth and Hampton predominantly black
Had to bucket out the toilet was no water in house
The city found
And count every year like it’s just been a week
Predominantly broken all up into pieces of cheeses and wine tastings eternally
Fancy a kipper? Do you fancy
a lot of Jews. We get our tit's young. I was a fat little Jew. I got big tits at 13 and I went to a very tough inner city, predominantly black
And don't worry i'm not rapping i'm just testing my voice.
Shit, Oedipus's etiquette
Subjects, predominantly predatory predictable predicaments
I'm heated,
Like they aint surrounded by nothing but predominantly
White neighborhood with money

Got the miralax both blenders bro we missing sandwhich bag

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