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before  you find that you just don't belong
Find that you just don't belong

Why live your life so precariously
Clinging to the edge while yearning to be
Precariously lurking to the top of game, writing my story

Think you're as good as me, that's droll
Imminent come up, betta go on patrol
Fifteen years of precious time behind us
Seven years before our child is gone
Everything precariously balanced
The slightest press can turn it
15 years of precious time behind us
7 years before our child is gone
Everything precariously balanced
The slightest press can turn it upside down
Fifteen years of precious time behind us
Seven years before our child is gone
Everything precariously balanced
The slightest breath can turn it
grits between my feet
The stair creaks, I precariously sneak

Hypnosis guides my hand
I slipside through the walkways
Sit in granny's rockin' chair
in the sky
So it's not a problem to feel
Welcome to the Age of Aquarius in the stages of various schemes
Precariously I escape when I dream
Each scene
Precariously hung
And when it falls it will 
become somebody else's problem

Everybody closed their doors and turned away
They don't need you
They shut
Built to spill you are pleased precariously momentarily chilled temporarily filled you will spill until lower expectations you will because
Precariously I surround myself with the essence of everything and anything that will keep me close to the edge 
Bury the constant will to relieve
to use them
Your friends have all left the room
But they precariously listen with their ears pressed to the door
They don't dare remove their shoes for
breaking through. So precariously teetering between while in the waiting room, praying for relief to break the skin and suffocate the pain. The second
precariously is the truth
But that's on different scales
Relationships have sailed straight to murky waters gotchu ocean blue
You know it's true
Act like you
down the barriers
Society precariously placed
With hopes you'd never try to see the other side of the fence
Right in front of your face
Last line
Shall we waltz on the graves of these thieves?
Here's where I can safely store my sins
This tin, connected 
Precariously to a taught stretch
The daily soliloquy's cracking the whip at me
Braced for emergency, cursed with the urgency
Games are sustaining me awfully precariously
The lesson's
For breaking so easily
Make everything about me
A spoiled little lass
Who's got a heart of glass
My sanity is balancing precariously
I'm living happily
Maybe real soon we'll all be floating

You don't have to take my feelings seriously
I'll get by no matter how precariously
I'ma denounce any and all
I set the future up like houses made of cards that's stacked precariously
If I didn't see it, wasn't meant to be
If I didn't see it, wasn't meant
black and blue bodies
I'll fuck some kids up
Laughing at everything
Put my fist up
I cut my wrist once, but didn't like it
And nobody cared
I am a little bit freaked out
I stand precariously
I can't pretend that I'm concrete
This weight is crumbling me
I can't be counted on (To be) dandy
learned just how to
Tune you out, and ride over the edge

Like waves on the ocean
Into infinity
Drop in, drop out fade away
Into infinity

to finish

Now they're seated, exchanges are taut
Precariously preserving what they've got
But they're out of energy and out of ideas
Another Saturday night
Here we are
Third spit of existence from the Sun
Precariously balanced
An inch from incineration
An inch from freezing
Carefully incubating like

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