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Staircase at the university
She threw herself down and her head split three ways

Crammin', jammin', pack-em-in rammin'
Chock-a-block box, power study, polish
and the power box
Yeah American stuff like Ford trucks on assembly lines
I'm American dreaming until the work starts on Monday
American drinking cases of Coors
So push 'power' and you'll hear the Grand Wizard fade it

Yo Box
[ VERSE 2: Juxe Box ]
The time has come that I serve and you observe
You want
of the box
Each kindly power whirls
in my presence
I can't stop nor go back,

Broken bottles of coco-cola
Trampled a border line
under foot
Spider's web
and a dream
And I abide great idiot box power supply, fuzz vapor,
Black out of New York, hey honey, get the generator
I'm in a doom, doom generation, pacin',
you listening?
No power without accountability!

The ballot box is no guarantee that we achieve democracy
Our leaders claim their victory when only

Power windows, granny gear, tool box in the rear
Four-barrel dual wheels, king cab cowboy
Carryin' automobile, I'd put the windows down
The damage I've done to my brain
Oh my god
I'm feeling so helpless
It ain't ever stop
They love to tell me
I'd be stuck in a box
I power through
manoxide (jimmy madrox) oh fuck ok that's that dude from twiztid. shaggy writer, long reign the lotus killers. then again it is my privalege to power
Go with the flow, avoid the strife, let unknown powers rule your life
A box of glass dictates your death, stolen minds, innocence last breath
I pull em out the box
Then I lace my tennis shoes
Pull up out the lot
I just made a power move
I just bought a drop
And the rims are brand new
Secret box laid beside the wall
Devil and angel were together.
A prophecy from Yuan dynasty.
Genghis Khan gonna open it.
King created power
The game is over k.b. baby won't you
Just quit the contemplating cause
I'll box you in your muthafuckin mouth
Don't you be looking at me crazy like ya want
I go back to the water
When I get nowhere in the air
I thought you should know, it's no worse
Covering ground you've heard before

It's a power
I get back up when I fall
Rip the paint from the wall
When I win, I'mma run and take the money
Try to put me in a box
Make me something I'm not
the organic anti-beat box band

One comes from the holy land
Another was born an Australian
Me I'm from Michigan
But Hollywood is the land of lands
With the uplift mofo party plan
We're the organic anti-beat box band
One comes from the holy land
Another was born an Australian

Me I'm from
Voodoo Box, my master
Gonna pay that bloody bill

It's so easy, fascinating
How my wealth and power grow
Addictive and destructive
back, uh)
(I'm hi-tech baby)

Fresh out the box, the latest model
Generator running on full throttle
Can I get a fuel up? Hit the bottle (reboot)
a heart beat pulse
That keeps on pumping
Like a juke box playing the same dead record
Or a radio in the corner keeps blaring
I got a feeling this world is
If you was in a pine box (box)
I would surely break the lock
I'd jump right in an-and fall asleep (I fall asleep)
'Cau-'cau-'cause you are
the box until the money fill it (money fill it)
Ski mask in my pocket so don't make me peel it (make me peel it)
Yayo in my blood, it's like I need a rush
In my own bubble nigga, had to clear my circle up
'Cause wasn't nobody with me when I was piped out in the box
Kodak Black, I'm the truth man
the strap, I got the hitters
Stay out my way, Paper Route business, hey!
I got the money (first you get the money)
I got the power (then you get the power

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