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contaminated population

Tune in to the melody
We'll have a Dalmatian plantation
Where our population can roam
In this new location
Our whole aggregation
Will love our plantation home

They'll say you're not alone
But don't listen to them
Tell that very long I did then find out through misery
That the true population's me

I used
Stop radioactivity
Discovered by Madame Curie

Chain reaction and mutation
Contaminated population
Stop radioactivity
Is in the air for you and me
sufficient ??? for more than twice the population of the world
the population down 

Your taxes paid, but 
Police waylaid 
And we knows 
When the school bus 
Comes and goes 
We're on your street, but 
You don't see us
have now taken first steps to bio-genetically 
Transforming all of our hibernating population into humanoids.
Extending a life with total resistance
To fatal disease, future methods of science

Replacing what is real by using technology
your life my friends, my friends,
My friends, my friends 

Too many reassuring lies 
To lullaby the population
Lullaby the population to sleep
of the sharpest realm
Leave us all to die
The population's gathered
Persuaded to defend
The weakness is intelligence
The strength is in - The End
In the mountains
Under rubble
The fire's out
We're burning inside
We will survive
For a long time

Population incandescent
All roads lead
it's morning again

Rub your eyes as nature sighs
The population's yawning
Just step in your shoes there's so much to do
It's a brand new morning
Put Me in Charge of Population Control
I'll Make Sure We Have lots of Room
I'll Make Sure No One Gets Out Alive
I'll Make Sure Nothing Here Can
My life is like a country road
Forgotten two lane through my soul
The sign ahead says welcome to
My heart population you

Like old service stations
There used to be a sign saying 
Welcome To Population 82
Just a little town with no line streets
Where I loved you and you loved me
But there
violent brains
The population has to pay
Doomsday has returned
As the world burns

Try to run, try to scream
It's too late
Megatons of death await
They tried to fool the black population
By telling them that jah jah dead
And they tried to fool the black population
By telling them that jah jah
An extinction that can't be avoided
Will against will

Population increases
Over all boundaries
War the only solution
To keep humanity

Nuclear winter
Population control. The only alternative left was to increase the death rate,
No one wanted to pick people out of a crowd and line them up for
In 1949 George Orwell portrays a chilling world in which computers are used by 
Large bureaucracies to monitor and enslave the population in his
They took me down the grading station
And they classified me zed
'Cause of over population
They told me that I would soon be dead

But I slipped
Population minus me
On the other side of that dust cloud
Ain't nothin' but a rearview town

I could tough it out, but what's the use?
A place that small,
Too many, too many people
In my way, it's over population
I am that sinking stone
Drowning in a sea of frustration

Little bay, big bay
Too many
Terraform, terraform

Terraform, density a population overload
Overload and launch into the void
Terraform, terraform
Void, void
Into the void

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