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Abi the Pra you dey hear hear
Ghana Ghana Ghana aaa
Wahala hala hala aaa
Oga wettin be this
You dun pollute my water wey gimme fish
Oga wettin be
20,000 gun salute, get rowdy like you got a substitute
This slug's for Newt - shut your mouth, don't pollute
Army of down motherfuckers, shit we
RonRon do that shit

I'm so po'd
I'm so throwed
She on go, I spend dough
Won't hold the door, for no hoe
I ain't polite, pollute
Yung Ting, you going crazy
Oh no, no (King, this shit fuego)
Can't breathe in toxic skies
Pollute me with your lies
I thought that I died (Woah,
police the nation
Police the mind, pollute imagination
Police our love, police sensation
Police freedom, polluting the nation

Didn't ask for your
You pollute the air, you poison the earth
Destroy our resource for whatever it's worth
Ignore the facts to benefit your greed
Tossing aside the land
for granted
In the black and blue

Pollute paradise

Repulsed by romantics
that reject their passion
Magnetic depression
Rips apart all love
Past tense
police the nation
Police the mind, pollute imagination
Police our love, police sensation
Police freedom, polluting the nation

Didn't ask for your
the world and we crush
Fallin trees fallin leaves fallin hive fallin our lives
Pollute sea pollute air pollute ground pollute our drive
Runnin keep runnin you
the air)
To close your eyes
(People living here)
Poison the river
(Seek water elsewhere)
Pollute; Reprise 

Blood from their eyes
Livestock will die
Pollutes your head and senses
With they're embedded messages 
Influencing thoughts
Don't forget to mention
They pushing meds relentless 
Eat what your fed
And pollute it with fumes
Indica thoughts 
Exhale on tunes

Rose is red
(Roses are red)
Violets are blue
(Violets are blue)
Sativas green
There's a half man, half horse that still pollutes my thoughts
As he rides on a flame in the sky
He comes through the centuries with me on his
us we're just spilling our guts
If this is love I don't wanna be loved
You pollute the room with a filthy tongue
Watch me choke it down so I can throw
them all pollute the youth
Senseless - It makes no sense
Guilty - Their last defense
Changing - was evidence
Call them wasted youth
Wasted!. . Wasted!
Weren't you a tonic to the nation?
When I saw you last, weren't you framed
By somebody else's latest croatian?

You really know how to pollute a guy
Blackened lands with water to waste
We penetrate soul with straws of steel

Ignite the flare let's pollute the air
Dredge the oceans without any
see me lose
And it suits, kick ass in my craft, you can call me Bruce
No excuse, don't need your help, don't want a truce
Jealousy tries to pollute
only my own fault

Don't touch me
I'm deadly
You don't want me around
Don't come near me
I'll pollute the air you breathe
I'll tear you down


So here comes the dream
Kicking the sands
Yet amidst the cream there's Tar
My brain pollutes my joy
Then I fade away

My lovely life
Pollute your mind with bullshit
Will America suck even more

Mass surveillance?
There's no problem
Lets ban it

We'll make America suck
Poisones gases kill our inside,
And before the moment we die ,
We wonder,

"Why do you pollute our minds with lies"?
"Why do you cover up when someone dies"?
Brute, commute, pollute

Blinded eyes by the sun arise
Sacrifices to the emerald sky
This is the final test before we disconnect
So pull the sun from above
the sake of a hunch 

Control, it's all control, It pollutes our soul

Do you know what you're breathing in?

What made us lose control, It's all control

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