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Ball like the playoffs
Get down or lay down
Lay down and stay down
Ball like the playoffs
Can't take a day off
Can't take a day off
Ball like
crazy saying I wasn't gone make it, that's a dead curse
So I gotta charge a gross amount for my next verse
Playoff mentality
Playoff mentality
TikTok shit
Feel like damn that is the only way to get on these playlists
Rapgame like a playoff playoff yeah it's like a playoff
Being nice to people just
estoy bless
Porque estamos en los playoff
Por que estamos en los playoff
Cuando aparece mi flow
Cuando aparece mi voz se pudre
Por que estamos en los
Working hard I can barely take a day off (Day off)
Balling hard like I'm Harden in the playoffs (Playoffs)
I told that broke pussy nigga get yo checks up
We going up take off my niggas A1 steak sauce balling hard like it’s the playoffs
We are not taking no days off
We going up take off my niggas A1
Yeah yeah 
And this shit need payoffs 
Yeah watch me 
Get the guap then lay low 
Get the guap then lay low 
Get the guap then lay low 
the playoffs
(Ay, ay) all that hatin', ain't gon' get you paid boy
Hater blocking so I got my shades on
No days, never took a day off
I been ballin' like I'm
You right Ray
Shout out my nigga Ray

Bitch we balling like the playoffs
I heard you send a shot
But you was way off
And naw I don't work a job
much malice (Yeah)
Come take a sip up out this chalice (Uh)
I got what you need
Okay, winning shit like playoff
Clear it bout to take off
Feelings had
Io non lo so
Perchè sento la pressione addosso sembra di giocare i playoff
Io non lo so
Perchè sento la pressione addosso sembra di giocare i playoff
I'm just trying make it to the playoffs
We gone make it nigga
So I can't never take a day off
I can't take it nigga
You don't grind nigga you don't
just to make the field while I'm in the playoff, playoff wooh
Why you steady on my dick? Just stay off, stay off, stay off wooh

I'mma go and get
the playoffs playoffs
And soon they'll see the boy Admk going off

I remember they was laughing they told me I was trash
It's funny now they be asking for
Young nigga ballin like the playoffs
Riding round strap with that ar
Know I got shooters and they ready for the chaos
Know a nigga
He getting mad at me because he laid off
Hit it 7 days a week ain’t talking baseball
Balling like Michael Jordan 92’ up in the playoffs
Creep want
the playoffs
Now I'm going all in hope it pays off
No Ls all wins about to take off
I've been staying In the gym all day long
Yeah it's game time it's
Told them i'm the one that gave them playoffs
Told them i don't ever take no days off
Consistency is what i'm getting paid for
Talk bout me that,
off , nah
Make the city prowl like we won the playoff
That feeling, that feeling, that feeling, that feeling
That feeling, that feeling, that feeling,
so hard baby you deserve the day off
Balling so hard baby welcome to the playoffs
I know I know I know I know what you need
Baby you should come
hard, yeah I'm back on my grind now
Game on, took a loss but I stay strong
Super Bowl rings, I just won the playoffs
Gotta go hard, I could never play
ion like em funny
I’m looking for a baller
Whose a geek
He Takes his shots like curry
I’m talking 3s
Man take me to the playoffs
With court side seats
Working hard no days off
Ball hard like the playoffs
Till they take me off payroll
But I'll never get laid off
Working hard no days off
Ball hard like
Know these nights finna pay off
I got people that depending on my Name
I be set for the playoffs
For these people that be praying, I Don't make it

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