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And it makes me feel like a fuck up 
When i piss off everyone around me 
And i just wanna be the life of every party 
But i don't really think it's worth
grands splash bags
Man takin the risk, are you taking the piss 
Been around them bits, been around that block 
I was serving to kids, Niggas pulled that
to the curse
cold turkey, drop the bomb
on harder wares control
suspend above, become one
Look at what's around
It may piss you off
It might be shit
But I
life is
If the President fuck around and piss off ISIS
Bury me in blueberry bills, jewels and ices
Lets connect from mind to mind
Lies are
shall not (Thou shall not)
Bitch I said don't talk,
Shoot you in ya ass daddy's head and feet,
And how you gon' walk
I'm sick in the head, I piss in
you wanna leave then make your way
And while you're at it make my day
I'm better off without you true
You only ever brought me down
Took the piss
hit list
my rest in piss list
dude that be hangin around Nas
you know, gay baby
nigga said some negative shit about me up in a magazine called "
want you here, I don't care if you're lookin' down
They smell the purple piss everytime I pull around
Real city boy, they love your boy in the town
going insane

I'm an asshole (He's an asshole, what an asshole)
I'm an asshole (He's an asshole, such an asshole)

I use public toilets and piss
I'm sick and tired of this masquerade
I'm bored to death by the games we play
For to long now it's been a charade
Don't wanna stay around to piss
You get the runaround from him
The runaround from her
The runaround, around, around
You get the put you down from him
The put you down from her
All my life I thought
I was the one to save the world
It would come easy, now I'm old enough
To sit around and piss and moan instead

adult commitment
Old enough to pay,
Young enough to kick around, ah to kick around
Bloodshot adult commitment
Piss my guts into a hole in the ground
I'm not mad 
I'm just bored 
And everything I do is only because 
There's nothing much else for me to do 
And that includes you 
Messing around
on em, while Cease lay the dick on em 

I piss on em, you turn around and kiss on em 

I shit on em, you turn around and hit on em 

I be the one
sneakers adjust size
The speakers through the rhymes
Burn down buildings, pyramids, project piss
It's like life revolves around kicks, clips and script

Clenched fists blood & piss
There is no other way around
This shit lives inside us
In our blood
Right down to the last drop
fallback in the pit of tangled masses


swen land of the free
live in the shit you bathe yourself
god of your world
this piss stained
New York City, we piss in it, we live in it 
We die, we all take shits in it 

[Kool Keith] 
There's a million albums out there with that opera
get no bigger
You piss me off sometimes
But that's how life is sometimes, guns with no triggers
Your momma hate me around cos I'm nothin' like the nigga
fucking AK all day
You don't work, you don't fuck, you don't
You don't do a goddamn thing

I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I
Come eat some chemicals.

MADNESS! feeling scared,
Looking around and nobody there,
When I say, "Fuck the world,
Let's get ready to rock!"
As I piss

Madness, feeling scared
Looking around and nobody there
When I say fuck the world, let's get ready to rock
As I piss on your face while you suck
a rollie full of that piss
You light like a feather, heavy like brick
I'm a rock star, got slits on my wrist
You ain't never hear heavy metal like this

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