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dispense of them
Oblivious peninsula hoorah, oblivious peninsula hoorah
Wear pollution halos, dress like the living dead will
Angry thoughts besiege when
alright baby girl

First step miniscule, thinking sensible is a principle stranded on a peninsula 
And that's word to my floridians, laying flat like
suerte y vuelve a tratar

En cuestión de acción mi libreta esta ridicula
Cargo el cañon con mas clips que una pelicula
Es mi peninsula gobierno la consola
I walked
Looking for you
The glass peninsula
And once
Our faces met
I knew at once
I would not regret
Every adventure I had
Every memory we
Billowing peninsula

I know I don't make as much sense as I should
But words have always betrayed me
I like to look down at the shapes on the ground
Si me ve, por la calle voy (Hooow)
Con la frente arriba como soy (Woow)
Estilo y música de ayer y hoy (Hooow)
De la península sur, homeboy
Si me ve
Rainbow flags in Chechnya
Privet propaganda, Russia
Crimean Peninsula
Make you great again, America
Rainbow flags in Chechnya
Privet propaganda, Russia
I wanna tell you what I didn't get for Christmas
The very thing I wanted the most
No island, or peninsula or isthmus
If that's your guess, well
on a peninsula baby
Not an island, a peninsula
An island is completely surrounded by water
And a peninsula is almost all the way surrounded by water
Haha, we do it
Y la península mía 
Beso contra beso, contra beso 
Y tu bahía 
Cuando se hacen las dos de la mañana 
Cuando se hacen las cuatro del amor 
De la sábana rota por amor
Me soplaba la letra con su aliento
Y nos iba surgiendo esta canción
Labio sobre labio, sobre labio
Y la península mía
of cold stout or wine or something similar
Salam in this, channeled through the Italian peninsula
Her strong pheromones and cologne enhance the stench
stay strong or falter

Peninsula came home
Home is what you make it
Peninsula came home
Home is what you make it
a plate of that
More like me, less like you
Boy I'm straight off that
Straight off that coast
That peninsula
Is you dumb
But before that was a bunch
Out in
Tua pele península: continente
Teu corpo corrente
Nas águas índias guardiães
Turiaçú, Pericumã
Protegidas por Cristo e Tupã
Antes abrigo de
Lá no Norte faz muito frio
Ainda tem a aurora você já viu?

A Europa pode ser considerada uma península da Ásia que história (2x)

Notorious than Wallace
Yet think yall records epic, seek solace
Cause you're hanging by a peninsula on a peninsula
Still attached to whole lot of stupid stuff
in two (PSH! Awww)
Bay to LA man that’s North to the south you see us we linkin’ up (Woo!)
North to the south, we linkin’ up like the Korean Peninsula
te voy a encontrar
Cuando vea el litoral abrazandose al viento
Hermosura monumental
Que me deja sin aliento

Eres peninsula
Belleza frente al mar
La península loca de la bondad
Matemática pura de confusión 

Un suspiro que rompe una tempestad 
Una lágrima rota en la realidad
Un anciano que vive
lekki peninsula
Lati badagry
Joor fimile

Uh uh yeah
I want to know you
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
Uh uh yeah
I want to know you
Uh uh yeah yeah
Summer, lake, peninsula
We laid out on the lawn
I was drunk and buried in your arms, your arms
You were staring at the sky
I asked you if we're home
Bitch, we cool as penguin pussy on the polar cap peninsula
Colder than your baby mama heart (uh)
When she find out you been fuckin' with that other broad
an island! Do it do it do it do it
No man is an island!
He's a peninsula

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